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Saturday Random Photos at My Dad’s House

[vimeo w=560&h=315] Some of the Spring flowers at my dad's house are blooming. These were budding last weekend and now they are in full bloom. The Sakura flowers finally bloomed. Lee levitating, I know kind of late for Spring forward. She was attempting to teach her aunt Bee to levitate. Not exactly Levitating, but I… Continue reading Saturday Random Photos at My Dad’s House


Assignment 24: Black & White Photography

This is my contribution to Scott’s Assignment 24: Black & White Photography. I've decided to shoot in Raw and in color, then post production conversion to Black & White in Lightroom 4.  I thought it would be interesting to see vibrant subjects in Black & White so I went to visit a small backyard chicken… Continue reading Assignment 24: Black & White Photography

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Snow in March

[vimeo w=560&h=315] Click here to watch this video on YouTube I woke up early this morning to photograph my garden and was hoping to see a morning sunrise but instead it was snowing.  The snow lasted for about an hour and long enough for me to photograph and shoot video. My Peach blossom. I planted… Continue reading Snow in March