Bigger Pictures

I have a new look, I’ve been wanting to post bigger images for a while now, but my old Theme column width was only 500 pixels max, and this new Theme allows me to post up to 560 pixels.  These photos were taken in December 2010 at Epcot, I think they look better bigger.

Click to see large image of the above photo.

Click to see large image of above photo.

Click to see large image of the above photo.


  1. Your new look is so peaceful… very clean & modern. Also lovely photos… who would have thought this place is in Florida?!

    • cn, I’m getting used to the new look, it’s not as cluttered as before.

      It’s amazing how they showcase several countries next door to each other. I carried my tripod with me that day and well worth it to get these night shots. 🙂

  2. hhhmmm.. I actually like to see a bigger pictures. I’ve tried double clicks on picture but didn’t work. I like second picture.

    • Hi seeharhed, sorry that you can’t click on the photos, I have added links for you to see the images bigger. As for the post, the pictures are bigger than what I’ve used to post, it’s 560 px now and it used to be 490 px in my older posts.

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