February 16, 2013 Snow

[vimeo https://vimeo.com/59826243 w=560&h=315]
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Saturday is a perfect day for snow, it was nice to see the snow falls while it lasted. I was visiting my dad when it started and lasted for several hours.  I think we got about an inch of snow.


Another happy jumping from Lee.



It’s perfect to build a fire inside.



My sister Orchid is blooming.









My dad’s Sakura tree is budding, I hope they will be okay since it’s not that cold.




6 thoughts on “February 16, 2013 Snow

  1. Lee is loving the snow. And it looks like fun.

    The snow on the leaf looks so fluffy – I want to add syrup and eat it! JK. Btw on the last photo, what kind of little black berries are those? They look interesting.

    • cn, we didn’t get enough snow but certainly glad that we got some. I think syrup would taste good with snow, some of us drink rain water so it wouldn’t be odd to eat snow. 🙂

      The black berries are Monkey Grass berries, they produce purple flowers in late Summer/Fall and berries in late Fall/Winter. I don’t think they are eatable.

  2. Very beautiful photos of “your” snow (and Lee of course 😉 )
    I must admit, that I’m getting tired of cold and snow here – after 3 months of winter – I’m LONGING for spring!

    • Thanks Truels, just enough snow to take pictures and now I don’t feel like mother nature has forgotten about us. 🙂

      It feels like Spring for us now, and it’s time to clear my garden for early Spring planting.

    • Thanks Geni, Lee took a growth spurt this past Summer and she is as tall as her adult relatives now. I’m glad the snow didn’t do any harm to the budding Cherry blossom, and hope we won’t get any frost in the next few weeks or so.

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