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Windows 8 Start Menu

I finally have a chance to upgrade my computer. After debating whether to get a laptop or a desktop, I finally went with the desktop since it’s cheaper and it comes with a huge storage space, which is much needed for my photos. My old PC at home was running on Windows Vista, and probably one of the worst version of Windows to have but I had no choice at the time since my old computer quit on me before Windows 7 came out.

I heard so much good and bad things about Windows 8, and thought I give it a try. I have to say that I’m so lost, first thing I notice was that there is no Start Button. I was able to get back to a desktop setting like I used to but there’s still no Start Button.  As much as I would like to love Windows 8, I feel so lost and can’t find my way around. Why would anyone remove the Start Menu?


I spoke to one of my IT friends at work, and he said that you could get the Start Button back.  You can go to, and buy the Start8 download for $4.99. I’m sure you could find a free download, but I don’t mind paying and I’m glad to have my Start Button back.  This is what they call the best of both worlds.


If you are wondering, the Fruit Ninja is for Lee by the way. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Windows 8 Start Menu”

    1. Hi cissyblue, it’s certainly is different from Windows 7 or Vista that I’m used to. I’m playing with Windows 8 menu but glad that I could go back to using the Windows 7 setup.

  1. No START button sounds horrible, but glad you have more space now as photos do add up fast!

    I have a Sony laptop that runs on Vista and also a PC with Windows 7. I always come back to the PC as it’s much easier to work on. Laptops feel a bit cramped. I also have an older computer with Windows 2000 and it’s still doing fine. 🙂

    1. Hi cn, I thought of buying a laptop so I could take it with me, but decided not to since the photography gear is heavy enough for me. I’ve worked with my sister’s laptop and didn’t feel comfortable at all, and you are right it does feel a bit cramped.

      I was totally lost when I first got the PC, and Lee had to help me. 🙂

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