Bird Dog Feed

I finally received my dog feed check in the mail yesterday for taking my sister to buy a new van on December 27th.  They called it Bird Dog Feed, which sounds kind of funny to me. Bo was making fun of me and drew a picture of a dog on the envelope. I guess I’m the dog that brought in the bird. I don’t care what they call it as long as the check is in my name.

5DMkIII, EF70-200mm f/4L USM lens, 1/2 sec at f/4, 200mm, ISO 100, tripod

This is not a bad deal, I don’t work for Toyota but by bringing in a customer to buy their vehicle they cut me a check.

5DMkIII, EF70-200mm f/4L USM lens, 1/5 sec at f/4, 200mm, ISO 100, tripod


4 thoughts on “Bird Dog Feed”

  1. Are you sure about the name? Instead of “dog feed” or “bird feed” or “bird dog deed”.. Maybe it is…… A Bird Dog FEE. That would make more sense to me.

    1. Hi Dallas, I’m not sure what they call it, on the check it said “Bird Dog”, and people here in the South have such a strong accent that it sounds like feed to me. I think in the sense it’s the same as word of mouth advertising, and they actually made a real sale.

  2. I’ll agree with Dallas on this. As the term “bird dog” is usually given to a customer as a referral or finder’s fee. But whatever it’s call – it’s still good $100 U.S. Dollars. 😉

    1. cn, it sure is good money, it must be the finder’s fee and this gives you incentive to bring more customers to buy car at their dealership.

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