A 3 Year Old Stayed with her Mom’s Body for 3 Days

My sister told me about a 3-year-old girl named nong Goryarh who stayed with her mom’s body for 3 days.  She and her mom lived in a 3 story townhouse in Bangkok, Thailand, and her 35-year-old mom died of a seizure and heart failure around November 10th, 2012.  She didn’t know that her mom had passed away. She thought she was sick and slept with her every night soaked with blood.

Her mom’s co-worker called her sister to ask because she didn’t show up for work for 3 days. Her sister went to the house, and the gate was locked.  She went to ask a male neighbor next door to help open the gate. When she returned with the neighbor, she saw her niece, nong Goryarh standing inside the gate.  Her niece’s white T-shirt was stained with blood. She knew then something was wrong. The photos below are from a Thai news article.

It’s so sad to read a story like this. The little girl was healthy and in good condition when they found her.

Her aunt took her in.

I could imagine her mom was worried about her.  When her aunt asked nong Goryarh if she had anything to eat or drink,  she said that her mom had fixed milk for her to drink and played with her every day. And at night, she went up to sleep with her mom.

After living with her aunt, nong Goryarh said that her mom came to live with her and sang her a lullaby every night. Before the funeral, her sister said that she would smell a very strong odor at her house, and after the funeral, the smell changed to a very strong incense smell.  A month after the funeral, they came on a show called People Showing Off Ghost.  The show is in Thai language.

It’s so sad to see nong Goryarh, and everything seems like a blur to her. She told them that she stayed with her mom and took care of her during those 3 days.

What puzzled everyone was how nong Goryarh opened the door to see her aunt.  It’s a sliding door, and she is not tall enough to open the latch to slide; see screenshot below.

Nong Goryarh said that her mom opened the door and told her to go see her aunt outside.

In the second video, they asked a median to communicate with nong Goryarh’s mom, and he wondered if her mom was there.  Nong Goryarh nodded ‘yes.’

And also nodded when asked if her mom was standing behind the man. The man on the left is the median.

The last video is the message from nong Goryarh’s mom communicating through the median to her older sister, asking her to take care of nong Goryarh as her own daughter. Her sister agreed to care for nong Goryarh, and I hope that her mom will rest in peace.


  1. Such a sweet and touching story! Couldn’t help, but cried. May the mother rest in peace. That is one loving and strong woman to still take care of her daughter even after death. I am glad Nong Goryarth is in good hand of her aunt. Thank you! (Been so long since I visited and am glad to be back)

  2. Nye that is quite a story. I believe children have an extra sight that is lost with age. So glad to read this all worked out well for such a sweet girl.

  3. Such heartbreaking news. Did they mention if her mom had any prior health issues? Then again sometimes I hear about people who are perfectly healthy just end up dead for no reason. But I’m glad the little girl is being cared for by her aunt.

    • cn, her mom had seizure since she was little and she was treated at the hospital before this incident. I think her aunt was kind of skeptical at first, I didn’t mention that her grandmother that lived there died 2 months prior to this and they feared that the girl might be the cause. In the last video was about the little girl’s mother communicating to her sister through that man and he said for her to forget all the bad things that had happened. That the little girl was not the cause of all the deaths in the family, and to care for her as if she was her own child. Her sister promised that she would, so I was glad to hear. It was a good show, but I didn’t like the fact that they brought the girl there and she heard everything.

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