A Mural In The Making

I have heard about Brenda Councill painting her Mural live on Friday and Saturday at the Hickory Museum of Art, but didn’t have a chance to see her work until Friday evening of her closing reception’s “A Mural In The Making.”

Above photo is Brenda at the lower right hand corner, she explained that you have to look side way to see the art since the finished piece will be installed that way.  One of her official sponsors were Shurtape and the finished mural will be relocated to the corporate headquarters of Shurtape. This makes a lot of sense as to why she is painting a 3 D version of tapes, to be exact frog tape.

Lee and I didn’t fit in very well, to be honest I was also there to practice shooting under low lighting situation.  I need as much practice as possible.

A small version mural painted by elementary school children.

She spent a lot of time prepping the place.

There are many folk arts for Lee to see.

We ran into the lady that did Hana Tattoo for Lee at the Oktoberfest, I was surprised that she recognized us. My sister Bee at Rodeo Chic Design made the angry bird bag for Lee’s birthday, it is definitely one of a kind.

I hope it is not too soon to post Christmas tree, I’m not surprised to see them at the HM.

This is a neat looking tree, a real acoustic guitar for decoration.