Autumn Blaze Maple Tree

We didn’t have a chance to head up the mountain to see the fall colors, and after looking around I realized that we didn’t have to go far to see the autumn color. Bo planted this Maple tree several years back and it has gotten real tall this year.

Photos were taken with a Canon T2i and EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM lens.

6 thoughts on “Autumn Blaze Maple Tree”

  1. One of my top favorite plants/trees – because of those autumn colors. I have a small one in my garden, do you remember my photos of this?!!!

  2. That trees looks amazing. I love the intense color that only nature can produce so well.

    One of our friends bought this kind tree for it’s beauty too. It was bought online as bare root & it’s growing very fast.

    1. cn, it’s amazing how fast it grew in the last few years. The seeds flew to the neighbor’s yard and now he has 2 young trees. He moved one and planted in front of his house, pretty soon we’ll have many of this type of tree in our neighborhood. 🙂

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