Hickory Oktoberfest 2012

We attended the Hickory Oktoberfest last Saturday and the crowd was thin in comparison to last year. The weather was cooler also but I don’t imagine that’s the reason why many didn’t come-out this year. Perhaps it was because of the economy, many didn’t get to work and it has been very slow in our area.  Some blamed it on being the election year, but I don’t think that’s the reason why, and that’s just my opinion.

Lee recently checked out a book from our local library on Giant George, so it’s nice to see a Great Dane in person.  She is big and weights 130 pounds but nothing in comparison to George, who is 250 pounds and 43 inches (110 cm) tall.

This is one of Lee’s favorite vendors and she could only afford a tiny glass figurine this year.

It’s nice to see familiar face in the crowd. This is a great publicity just by walking around.

Lee had fun at the KidFest and I had a good result from my panning shots.

Lee looks forward to getting her henna tattoo done every year.

This was not her first choice of designs, but with only $5 left this is all she could afford.

Waiting for her henna to dry.

I finally get to see the Sails on the Square after reading about it in the local paper, and it’s a new event area located in Union Square downtown Hickory.

We had a busy day, and went to a wedding right after this.  I had a few good shots and will post some photos soon.

Photos were taken with a Canon T2i and EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM lens.


  1. Hi Nye,
    I had forgotten about your post. I have not been reading much on wordpress but in viewing I see we are similar somewhat from my blogspot blog. I have been attending fairs and my last post with them was on Oktoberfest. My blog here on wordpress got suspended and possibly archived. All the work I have done for reviewing teas has been taken away from me just like that. I don’t advertise since I don’t know how, I have no money making scheme nothing. It is just a record of teas and teashops, books I come across on line. But somehow I have not complied. I lost all that work. I guess I deserve it since so rude and not liked. Be well with your family. Bye.

    • Hi seule771, glad to see that you got your account back and spending time blogging about what you like is good for the soul. The colder days are approaching and I have been enjoying drinking hot tea myself. I wish you all the best with your tea review and take care.

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