Sunday Random Photos

I’ve been absent from my blog lately, I’m still here but have been busy with home improvement projects in the evenings and camping on the weekend.

It’s nice to stay home this weekend, and I saw this baby bird outside my window this morning.  He must have left his nest too early, his mom was frantically looking for him.

The weather is cooler in our area, it was in the 60s this morning, and leaves start changing colors.

I was surprised to see my banana tree producing the purple-clad bud and fruits this year.

And by evening the purple bud dropped lower, I can’t wait to see the flowers and fruits.

It’s a big banana tree, I didn’t think that I would be able to bring it inside the garage this year, and now that it’s producing fruits no need to bring it inside since it will die after this.

I thought I would have time to do a Fall garden this year.  It’s the end of September and I’ve not planted any Fall vegetables.

My Spinach vines are changing colors.

One of my home improvement projects was painting, I can’t believe it has been 8 years since we moved in.  Max’s room was the first room that I painted, after all he is our guard dog. The sign read “Beware! Guard Weimaraner on Duty.”

The color looks yellow, it’s called Homestead Resort Antique Lace.  I like the color, and it looks so Sunny inside even when it’s raining outside. I decided to paint the whole house this color, and I only have a few more rooms to go. I think Max likes it.  He takes his job seriously, as you can see our guard dog is on duty.

Lee chose Party Pool Blue color for her room. Bo and his friend put down a hardwood floor for her room and the hallway.  This is one of his many home improvement projects that he is working on and has completed.

My sister Bee of Rodeo Chic Design did a leather headboard for Lee, and she absolutely loved it.

Photos were taken with a Canon T2i and EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM lens.


  1. I can see that your home is as beautiful as your garden! I like your close-up photos of the banana leaf and flower. But why will it die after flowering??

    • Hi Truels, thank you for your kind words, it’s a lot of work to make it shine again, but well worth it.

      The banana tree normally produces many young plants around it, and the big one once it produces fruits, it’s old and it’ll die since it’s the end of its life cycle. I’ll be taking the young banana trees inside the garage this winter, and take them back out to plant outside in the Spring. It’s a tropical plant and will not survive the cold winter months.

  2. I love projects, it’s always nice to see the outcome. The paint color you picked is very warm & welcoming.

    And thanks for the garden update too. I’ll be collecting a few spinach vine seeds for next year. They weren’t as prolific as I hope they would be. But still fun to see the unique buds and leaves.

    • cn, it’s a big change for us going from a grayish white to light yellow, I’m glad Bo didn’t think it was too much. Max room was a test room to see if we would like it, of course Max didn’t have any saying in this. 🙂

      I still have one more room to go. I’ve been so busy working inside that I have not planted any Fall vegetables, it’s so late into the season that I might just wait for next Spring.

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