Assignment 21: End of Summer

This is my contribution to Scott’s Assignment 21: End of Summer.  As we approach the end of summer and the Autumnal Equinox on September 22, Scott is asking us to submit photos showing what constitutes the end of summer to us. As for me, I can’t deny that the end of Summer came and gone and I had posted photos of our labor day weekend at the beach, and also the Lincoln County Apple Festival. These are all photos of the end of Summer to me, and for this assignment I want to submit photos of Green Mountain campground taken on Saturday September 22nd.  The end of Summer is a slow season for the camground and I do love the crisp morning air.

The leaves start changing colors.

And people are getting ready for Halloween.

Photos were taken with a Canon T2i and EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM lens.


  1. Your really have caught the light so well, just as it looks when autumn is near. I can almost feel the mix of sun and a little coldness. I wonder it it was chilly when you took them?

    • Hi Giiid, I missed the light that I was trying to capture for a few minutes, it’s amazing how fast the light changes in the morning. It was around 15 degree Celsius when I took the photos. Autumn is in the air, our next camping trip I have to remember to bring lots of firewood. 🙂

  2. What a nice time with your family at the festival. It looks so fun and everyone seems so happy. Lee is definitely growing up over these last two years that I have been following your blog. What a beautiful girl!

    • Thanks Geni, Lee has grown so much and able to help out around the house. We had a nice time at the festival and I’m glad that we all get to attend this year.

  3. Your photos are very peaceful, Nye. I love the misty morning look of the first photo and the serenity of the shot with the reflections in the water.

    • Thanks Karma, it’s a peaceful morning at the campground. I saw a few families up early having breakfast and building campfire. I hope to go back when the leaves change colors.

  4. What a lovely blending of soft colours, sun and light haze in your pictures ! Just as I imagine the end of Summer. The second picture is very colourful and lively with all these clothes ? fabrics ? hanging under the roof. Was it a shop ?

    • Hi Isabelle, it was a cool morning in the Mountain. The second image is a picture of a cabin, and those are clothes/laundry hanging dry. It seems that they left their laundry hanging outside the whole Summer, it does look like a shop. 🙂

  5. Nice photos. I also thought there was a fabric or clothing shop in the woods. As for me, I wouldn’t leave my clothes to dry overnight, especially with the morning mist and bugs out there.

    As much as I’ll miss summer, I am also looking forward to rainy days & cooler nights. Time to bring out the cozy sweaters & hot tea. 🙂

    • cn, I do love the Fall also, but not looking forward to Winter at all. I went back to camping on Saturday, and they did take down some clothes. I’ll post an updated photo of the colorful cabin soon. 🙂

    • Thanks Gerry, we love the great outdoor and built a nice campfire last weekend. My dad is not too thrill about camping in the cold weather so it looks like our next camping trip might be the last one for this season.

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