Pirateland Campground in Myrtle Beach Day 1

The disadvantage of living in the Foothills is that we live so far away from the ocean, and we could only plan our trip on a long weekend. Last Labor day weekend we tent camping at Emerald Isle, and this year we decided to head to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  It was a 5 hour drive, and 240 mile trip.  As we were heading to my dad’s house on Friday evening I saw a full moon. Bo stopped at a red light and I managed to get this shot in time before the light turned green. The gas price in our area was $3.75 for regular on Friday, and $3.48 in SC, so we filled up our tank before we headed back home on Monday.

Pirateland Campground is waterfront, and we parked on the 3rd row, which was real closed to the beach. The water here is not as green as Emerald Isle, but the beautiful beach and campground more than make up for it.

We do love the ocean and I did not once set foot in the campground swimming pool or the lazy river.

This image below made me think of a story my sister told me. The waves were so strong on Monday that it’s possible that someone could have lost their swimming trunks in the water.  She then asked me if you only had one piece of clothing, which part would you cover, top or bottom?  Naturally most would think the bottom, even the French cover the bottom and walking around with their top showing.  My sister said that the Lao ethnic group would think differently.  They would cover the top since everyone already saw your bottom portion when you were born and the top came later and they have not seen it yet.  I guess it does make sense.  Then she said what about when you have to take a dump, what will you cover if you only had 1 piece of clothing?  If you don’t know, some of the bathrooms in Laos are in the bush or out in the open.  This is a true story, I had to find a big bush during a bathroom break when traveling on a bus to Pakse.  Back to my sister’s question, the answer is your head since most will not recognize your bottom portion, either from behind or front profile while squatting, but they know your face.  I guess it does make sense.  This makes me think that it’s a knock-knock joke in Laos when she was growing up.  It’s actually a new knowledge to me and it’s good to know, you never know when you will be in that situation. I see Bo is catching on fast, he is covering his top portion.   😉

We drove all night and got to the campground by 7 am on Saturday morning.  They let us check in early, and it was a beautiful first day.  Bo was so tired by evening that he dozed off.

The campground view from the beach.

My second sister standing at the beach access to the campground.

My niece bent over to look at the sand alligator.

The full moon risen on the Atlantic ocean and the blue moon was as red as the image below.

I have many photos and will post the second and Third day’s photos on a separate post, and hope to do the video as well.

Photos were taken with a Canon T2i and EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM lens.