PaNoy’s Garden

The last time I visited PaNoy’s garden was in February of last year during the cold months.  I didn’t have a chance to visit his garden this year and he’s nice enough to email me an updated photos of his garden. PaNoy has a good size garden, I would say that it is bigger than my backyard and front yard combine.

He has many Asian Persimmon fruit trees.

Papaya tree

The fruit tree on the right hand side is the Pomegranate tree.

Bo gave him rice seedlings from Hickory several years back and now he has his own rice paddy in his garden. His mom made Kao Mao (young sticky rice dessert) for us on Sunday, I will post photos and video of that next so stay tune.

My Maximilian sunflowers came from his garden, he gave me a few plants several years back.

As you can see he has many helpers.

Guava trees.

Crab apple tree

Thanks PaNoy for a nice tour of your garden, everything looks so green and lush.


  1. Thanks Nye for posting these for me. If you noticed the 11th picture, that is what the mound of the banana and papaya plants look like in late May. It’s fascinating to see how Nature has make its magic in just a few months. The trick that I used to get the papaya to fruit is to plant it one year in a pot, keep it in the garage over the winter, and then plant it in the ground the next year. I start new ones for next year in a new pot since the ones I planted in the ground will die over the winter.

    I want to try the guava next. It’s a childhood memory of wanting a guava tree by the backyard deck. I love the ripe fragrance and the sweet taste of the guava fruit. Thanks again. Hope you get better with that allergy and can enjoy ‘spicy Lao food again.’

    • You’ve got a great summer garden PaNoy! So that explains how you get fresh papaya. I’m not sure I can be that dedicated and move them inside and then do it all over again. But I’m sure it’s a labor of love.

      It would be easier if you can keep the papaya tree in a greenhouse. The SF Conservatory of Flowers had a longon and banana tree. It was really hot & humid inside the place.

    • You are welcome PaNoy, it’s nice for all of us to see your garden again. I’ve not tried planting papaya tree, it would be nice to have a green house or sun-room that way you can keep them indoor all year round. It will be interesting to see if the guava tree will survive in the cold weather, I will have to remember to bring mine inside this winter.

  2. Wow, what a beautiful Lao garden! So healthy and green, and well cared for too. Also, love that Panoy is growing some rice in his garden. They look amazing! Are they difficult to grow? Does Panoy grow most/all of his plants from seeds? 🙂

    • PaNoy has a huge garden, I would love to have one this big one day. I think he grows his from plants and seeds, it’s really a labor of love for him. He lives too far, so I don’t get to visit his garden as often.

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