My Garden Update

It’s nice to finally spend the weekend at home again.  We have been away a lot camping this Summer and hope to catch a few more camping trips before the season is over. Today is a beautiful morning, but not so much for my garden neighbor’s garden. I often heard gardening being compared to life, there’s a lot that you can control but some of us let weeds take over. It’s kind of sad to see and there’s nothing that you could do.

The passion flower blooms in the afternoon.

My Maximilian sunflowers are in bloom.

They are so tall and top heavy that they tilt sideways.

My grape vines are thriving.

The Spinach vines finally made it to the top of the trellis.

Thai basil and lemongrass.

Chili peppers

It’s not as hot as it looks.

The green beans that I planted at the end of July are doing well.  We have been fortunate that we have had a steady rainfalls in our area.

More green beans.

I planted the tomato at the end of July and it’s not doing as well as I had hoped.

I also planted the squash at the end of July, it looks promising but it doesn’t look like it has much room to grow. The Maximilian sunflowers leaned over it.

I still get a handful of the Thai eggplants every now and then.

The vegetables that I grow taste a lot better than store bought vegetables.

As much as I love Fall, I hate to think that Summer is almost over.

It will be a job trying to get the banana tree into the garage this year.  It has gotten a lot bigger and taller in comparison to last year.

All photos were taken with a Canon T2i and EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM lens.


  1. Wonderful photos, great colour and I love the way you have captured the sunlight filtering through and between the leaves.

    • Thanks Lois, I love photographing early in the morning, the light is so soft and the plants look more lively and lush, I guess refresh from the night and early morning mist.

  2. Watch for the fruit on that passion flower. You should get 2-3 of them. It may feel very lite, almost empty, so wait for it to ripe somewhat. It has a tart flavor with some sweetness to it. Enjoy.

    • Thanks PaNoy, I have several fruits on the vine and would not have known that they are eatable. I will have to give it a try, it’s still green right now.

  3. Must feel nice to have plenty of fresh and healthy food right in the backyard.

    I love the photo of the young green beans climbing the trellis. And the spinach vines are so pretty. Mine is missing leaves as I’ve been eating them. 🙂

    Btw, why did your neighbor abandon the garden? Do you think he got ill or just lost interest? At least the bunny rabbits can roam free and have great summer salads now.

    • Hi cn, my neighbor went back to being a couch potato again. I didn’t think he would abandon his garden this soon. I guess gardening is too much work for him.

      I’m glad I planted the green beans, and I should be able to plant the Romaine lettuce after labor day weekend. It’s nice to have fresh vegetables in your own backyard. 🙂

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