The Buddhist Lent Day at Wat Greensboro

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Sunday August 5, 2012 was the Buddhist Lent Day at our local temple Wat Greensboro.

Sunflowers were brought in by a Buddhist worshiper.

The Buddhist Lent Day is also known as Kao Punsa, which is the annual three-month Rains Retreat.  This is the time where monks spent three months of the annual rainy season in permanent dwellings.  This year we have 2 monks Kao Punsa at Wat Greensboro.

Pra Kao Thip or meal was prepared for passed loved one.

Morning alms giving

Foods were prepared for the monks.

The banner that tells the story of the Buddha was hung around the salahongtum or worship hall.

The tradition of offering candles to the temple on Kao Punsa day.

My dad offered a monk’s robe and candles.

The monies were offered as part of alms giving.

Foods offering to the monks.

Lee sold her handmade jewelery to help raise money to build the temple’s bathrooms.

My niece also sold her handmade jewelry.

This was not a big event so there were not as many customers as Sonkran Day in April.  The next big event is Boun Kathin, and it’s something to look forward to.

Lee’s earrings


There were mostly vegetable vendors, it’s almost like the farmers market.

It was hot and humid on Sunday and these boys gave a new meaning to hanging out at the water cooler.  They were eating ice cubes to stay cool.

Lee sold $58 and donated the amount to the temple and my niece sold $20 and donated her portion.

The bathroom construction is moving very slowly since it is funded by donation only and any amount helps.

All photos and video were shot with a Canon T2i and EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM lens.


  1. Lee has grown up before my eyes. She is so beautiful! This even looks so vibrant and bright, full of color and yet so peaceful and meaningful when you look at the peoples’ faces. You really told a story with these photos. My favorite is the boys at the “water cooler”. Too cute!

    • Thanks Geni, it’s nice to see people coming together like this. I think in holy grounds like churches or temples, there’s that peaceful feeling that you can’t find anywhere else. Lee has grown so much this summer, she might be taller than me by next year. 🙂

    • I agree with Geni… she took the words right out of my mouth. 🙂

      Kudos to Lee & her cousin for helping out the temple fundraising.

      • cn, I need to measure Lee again, she grew 1/2 inch in 1 month the last time we measured.

        The girls had lots of fun and they are looking forward to the next event at the temple.

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