Beads Delivered

We all heard good and bad stories of products made in China.  Bo purchased his Mac several months back and it was shipped from China, came in perfect condition.  The Internet makes it so easy for us to purchase products from all over the world. It gives small businesses opportunity to reach out to new demographics.

I finally received my beads today, the package came in good condition even though the US Custom had opened and inspected the content. I took my chance of buying the beads online from China, and I didn’t know if it would be fake, or at least come close to the description of the product. I rely on reading online reviews when I made my purchase, it’s not like a store where you could feel and touch. I think I got lucky that everything came as promised, their beads are beautiful.  But somehow I don’t feel so lucky with the experienced that I had with the US custom insisting that I have to apply for the Federal Fish and Wildlife Permit in order for me to get my Sea Shell beads, I couldn’t afford to have my name on their blacklist and was happy to pay for the license.  The Sea Shell beads was the cheapest item on my order and ended up costing me the most. I think of it as the cost of learning, and hope not to make the same mistake again. I will definitely buy beads from this online store again, and here is the link to if you are interested.

I was excited to get the Mother Pearl flat round buttons and the Cat Eye beads, I’ve been wanting to make colorful buttons bracelet.

Here is my bracelet, it’s a lot of wire bending to make the loops.

Lee modeled for me, I do love the look and feel of it.

Lee was excited to get her Blue and White handmade porcelain beads, and made a bracelet and earrings today.

These are some of the beads that I ordered and the beads are gorgeous.  I was looking for a colorful Gemstone flat round bead and was happy to see it on their online store, I can’t wait to make necklaces and bracelets with these. The handmade Lampwork beads of Blue, Red, Green and other colors are beautiful also and I do love the quality and design of the beads.  I also like the quality of the handmade Indonesia beads with brass core, I can’t wait to share these beads with my sister and niece. Click to view large image.

Photos were taken with Canon T2i and EF50mm f/1.4 lens.


    • cn, we have plenty of beads to play with now. I made a few buttons bracelets for my co-workers and they have gotten many compliments. I guess this is a keeper.

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