Beading Project

The girls and I have been working on making more beading jewelries to sell at the temple, we have a few more events coming up before the end of the year.  The girls sold their jewelries at the temple on Songkran Day and helped raise $95.  They both donated the proceed to the temple, and they hope to do the same this time.  I think the girls have set a good example to help raised money for the temple building fund, so this time my second sister will be selling her handmade toot-bags and my sister Bee will be selling her craft items as well and they both will donate their proceed to the temple. This is what we have made so far.

We have the basic tools such as round nose pliers, bent nose pliers and wire cutters. I purchased a few beading books and borrowed a few from the library to get some ideas and inspiration.

And you need a lot of beads.

Yesterday was a project day at my dad’s house, Lee was working on her bracelet.

My niece picking out her beads.

Lee came up with this neat looking necklace.

I was inspired and came up with this one.

And this one. I’m not a jewelry person and often wonder what type of people would wear my necklaces, but it does look a lot like me.

Lee made a wooden bracelet.

More bracelets

Once I started on the necklace I couldn’t stop, the ideas just keep pouring in.  I thought I would try something different, this one opens from the bottom.

It’s easy to put on and take off.

More necklaces that I have made, and hope to help raised money for the temple also.

Photos were taken with Canon T2i, EF70-200mm f/4L USM lens and EF50mm f/1.4 lens.

6 thoughts on “Beading Project”

  1. Wow the girls are very talented- I am very proud of them, they are very good kids that’s telling me how they are raise with a good family.

    1. Thanks salalao, I’m happy to see them growing up to be so generous with their time and Lee bought some of the beads with her own money also. The best part is that they are having fun doing it.

  2. Nice collection! Bead necklace can really bring out an outfit. And the beads are really cooling to wear in the summer. Much like fresh water pearls.

    The wooden bracelet is very unique. I’ve been searching for a wooden ring since I always find myself having to “knock on wood”. 😉

    1. cn, I like wooden beads and I’ve been searching for the curving one just like this but couldn’t find any. I can’t remember where Lee got this one at. I like to try making buttons bracelet, I hope to get the beads soon.

      I’ve never seen wooden ring and I’ll keep an eye out for it if I come across one. 🙂

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