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Camping the Weekend of July 4th

This is the last set of photos from our vacation.  After we came back from camping at Shenandoah Valley Campground we headed to Green Mountain Park in Lenoir, North Carolina, which is closer to home.  We were fortunate that the weather was nice the whole time that we were there.

July 4th week is the busiest week of the year since most people in our area have that week off from work, and most manufacturing plants close that week including the offices, so many headed to the beach or up the mountain.

This made me think of Karma’s June photo hunt, which I missed this time. I think this image is pride.

This one is for Scott, we like Coke, and Pepsi is one of our favorite soft drinks.

Our morning walk to the lily pond.


I’ve heard about the Lily/Bass pond on top of the mountain and asked the lady at the front desk about it since it wasn’t on their map. She showed us the road on the map that would take us up there.  We thought it would be interesting to see, so we headed up that direction on a Saturday afternoon.  Lee was dragging, it didn’t look like she would make it.

We took the wrong route and it lead us back to the campground.  Below is my dad taking a water break.

Lee and my dad decided to head back to the RV, while my 2 oldest sisters and I still want to see the Lily/Bass pond.  We hiked for about 45 minutes, and the path was a bit eerie since it was dead silent.  We didn’t see any animal or hear birds chirping along the way.  We weren’t exactly dress for hiking either, and found a couple of hiking sticks along the way.

As we got higher and deeper into the wood, my oldest sister kept asking me if we wanted to turn back.  I kept telling her let’s see what is up ahead.  It looked like a worn path but I don’t think many have traveled up this direction, perhaps they did once upon a time.  We finally got up to the top, and as we looked down we saw what appeared to be a roof.  We couldn’t imagine any house up here, and we suspected that it must be the water below and took the path that lead us down toward that direction.  It was the pond and I swear it looked so spooky and unnatural.  It doesn’t look like it belongs up here, and the water was very still and appear very deep. It looks man-made and what is it doing on top of a mountain?  My oldest sister didn’t even want to go near it, I thought we should take a look since we made it up here. My oldest sister took this picture for me, I was soaking wet with sweat.

I’m certainly not impressed with the pond and will not hike this direction again.  On our way back we saw deer tracks. It took us less than 30 minutes to get back, come to think of it we must be crazy to hike up there in our flip flops.

All photos were taken with a Canon T2i and EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM lens.

6 thoughts on “Camping the Weekend of July 4th”

  1. It looks like you had a nice camping holiday! My favorite photos are the ones of the dragonflies – super-shots!!!

    1. Truels, it’s nice to be able to spend time outdoor with my family and hope that we will be able to make a few more camping trips before the end of the year. The dragonflies photos I had to crop to get that close.

  2. The photos remind me “Americana” with the flag & Lee and her Pepsi.

    The hiking story is funny. If you guys came across Big Foot it wouldn’t be too bad. Nobody will mess with 3 ladies and their walking stick. 🙂

    1. Hi cn, the hiking stick was my second sister’s idea for protection and at first we all dragged a huge stick, and as we got deeper into the wood we traded in for a smaller, lighter one. I need to carry my monopod next time, it has a pointed tip that can be used as a weapon. It comes in handy for my camera and can be used as a walking stick. 🙂

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