My Garden in Early June

It looks like I have a garden neighbor. I would never have thought that he’s a gardener, he smokes and watches TV all day.  He lives on the other side and plants his garden in one of the neighbors’ yard. I thought it was kind of odd, here he has to pass my house  to get to his garden.

I photographed my garden on Saturday and finally have a chance to post it today. Below is a picture of my Maximilian sunflowers, and they are now taller than me. I can’t wait to see the flowers, this photo was taken from my deck.

Pomegranate tree

Snow peas

I’m glad my sister gave me the seeds and they are easy to care for.

My sister Bee came to give us her fish on Sunday and said that my garden looks more organized seeing it on my blog than seeing it in person.  I guess some of my flowers are overgrown and have a life of their own.  Believe it or not this flower was planted in a small pot.

I don’t eat enough of the Pennyworth, and it’s taking over half of this planting bed.

This is my first year planting American beans and I’ve been harvesting a handful everyday of this week.

Apparently they don’t climb the teepee trellis.

Chili pepper

This is my second crop of radishes this year and I have to harvest them soon because they are crowding the chili pepper plants.

The Spinach vines look promising.  I’m glad the rabbit didn’t come back after I startled him last time.  I was out in my garden one morning and he jumped out in front of me.  He stood there for a few second and took off.  That was the last time I saw him.

I love Thai basil, and it’s so obvious from the look of it. It doesn’t grow fast enough for me.

This will be my last year planting cucumbers from seeds.  I was so disappointed that they didn’t climb and have been producing very few fruits. I spoke to another Laotian gardener on Saturday, and she has the same problem with her cucumbers this year. I’m not sure if it has anything to do with the early planting season or just bad seeds.

Cherry tomato plants

I was late in getting the Thai eggplants in the ground this year, but it’s better late than never.

This is one of the fish that my second sister gave us when she closed her pond in early Spring.  I’m not sure how many we have in there now and we have many little ones also.

This is my daily harvest and I do love fresh vegetables.

All photos were taken with Canon T2i and EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM lens.


  1. Is your neighbor Asian? The reason I asked, because most Asian will always tried to garden at any empty land. Perhaps, he rented that piece of land from the owner?

    • Hi seeharhed, he is American. The land owner lives behind us and he is real nice and has several acres of land behind his house. He gave permission for this man to garden there. I guess the gardener didn’t want to dig his own backyard, and his is the same size as our backyard so it’s not very big. I thought it was kind of odd.

  2. Wow you have now inspired a couch potato to garden. That is too funny. Maybe the furry creatures will decide to lunch on his greens and leave yours alone. 😉

    Your garden is just amazing! Our garden out here is barely trying to make fruit. Btw, I tired a few leaves from my climbing spinach. I like it, can’t wait to make something with them. But it could be an acquired taste for some because of the texture and scent.

    • Hi Cambree, I guess he saw me fussing with the water hose for the past few years, and now it’s his turn since he has to run it all the way from his house to the garden. He is a retired dentist and spends his days smoking cigars and watching TV in his screening porch. I was surprised to see him out there, and his garden looks real nice. I’m sure he has plenty to share with the furry little creatures.

      I’ve not tried the climbing spinach and have made a teepee trellis for them to climb. I think it should be any day now. 🙂

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