Saturday Random Photos

This year many gardeners have faced various damages to their crops, whether it was a nature disaster of hail storm in the Midwest that we have heard on the news.

Or fury little creatures that come to visit our garden. My dad and sister was devastated when the little rabbit came to visit their garden 3 nights in a row and ate most of the cucumber leaves and vines.

A row of snow peas were also a part of the meal and my sister said that the rabbit even stepped on the plants trying to reach the top.  She made it sound like big foot that visited her garden.

This is what’s left of this row.

The end of the row has pole beans and the rabbit didn’t touch them.

So we worked on putting up the chicken wire fence yesterday.  It’s not very tall but my sister claimed that rabbits don’t know how to jump the fence.  🙂  Although I’m not convinced.

There are some snow peas outside the fence and hopefully it will be okay.

The long string beans are not as pretty this year and my dad thought it might be that it’s too shady in that area.  The maple tree has gotten a lot bigger this year.

The end of the row is doing well since they get more afternoon sunlight.

My sister chili pepper seedlings weren’t big enough in time for planting and she bought severe  pepper plants from Lowes.  I think she must have gotten the wrong kind because this is not a chili pepper.  I’m glad that her chili pepper seedlings took a growth spurt last month and she planted a few chili peppers in a row. I would hate it for her if this were the only kind of peppers that she has planted.

As I was photographing my dad’s garden, I heard my neighbor calling to me that ‘Don’t worry he won’t bite!’.  I didn’t know what to think, and the only weapon that I had on hand was my camera and luckily it was mounted with a telephoto lens.  I thought to myself it could work.  I turned around and saw this little puppy running towards me. I thought it would be neat to do a panning shot and moved my camera with the dog and I got this lucky shot. That’s the most exciting thing in the garden.

Back to the garden, so far just the Pomegranate flowers and no fruit.  My dad is thinking about buying Pomegranate trees from the Temple this year, some even have fruits on them so it’s a sure thing that they will bear fruit in the future.

The Asian corns have gotten taller and my sister piled dirt around the base of the corn plant so that it will give the corn a deeper area for the brace roots to grow.

My brother-in-law is visiting at the end of the month and he has promised his friend that he would get him water-lily from North Carolina.  My sister dug up a few from her backyard lily pond for him, if it survived by the end of the month then it will survive in the new pond.

She also went to Lowes and bought a few Water Hyacinth floating water plants for him.

The fun part about camping is making S’mores and we found a new way to make it without building a campfire.

Lee came up with the idea that you could make it in a toaster oven.   First break the gram cracker into 2 pieces, then the marshmallow goes on top of the half gram cracker and the chocolate goes on top of the other half. Once the top of the marshmallow turns golden brown then it is done.

Here it is. I think it tastes better than campfire S’more because the gram cracker is toasted and it has a better aroma and flavor, but not as fun as making S’more by the campfire.

All photos were taken with Canon T2i and EF70-200mm f/4L USM lens, except for the 2 last photos of the S’more were taken with an EF50mm f/1.4 lens.


  1. “She made it sound like big foot that visited her garden.” 😀 The fury creatures really hit the jackpot!

    And the smores look very good, I will have to give Lee’s version a try. Thanks.

    • cn, the garden is fenced with chicken wire and she still has something that came and ate her young cucumber plants. She thinks it’s the chipmunk now since they can climb the fence. 😉

  2. aww, sorry to hear about the cucumbers! I came back from my parent’s house this weekend, their garden is doing great! I’ve been trying to look for some water lilies here in GA, sadly I cannot find any, or I may have been looking at the wrong places! 😦

    • mozemoua, I missed seeing the waterlily at Biltmore, but I’ve been fortunate to see a few here and there. You might have a better luck visiting a Botanical Garden. I’m glad we have a steady rainfalls and everything seems to grow well in my garden also.

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