Camping at Green Mountain Park on Memorial Weekend

I’m glad I made a reservation early for camping at Green Mountain Park on Memorial Weekend because the place was packed this weekend. We didn’t get to camp near the creek this time, which gave us the opportunity to camp in different sections of the campground.

They had a spot open when we checked in and it was on the hill. We traded our camper for an RV recently and it is a lot nicer than our old one.

The RV has one slide out, which makes it more roomy.

I like this section of the park, I think it has a better view from up here.

My GI Joe sister came to visit on Sunday and she made Tum Mak Houng (Spicy papaya salad) for lunch.

My sister Bee also came up to visit.

This beats backyard camping.

Bo likes the RV much better since he didn’t have to do the hookup and a lot easier to park.

It’s nice to be able to spend time outdoor, most campers have golf carts to ride around but we walked everywhere and it’s a great exercise.

We spotted a huge dead fish by the rock, I didn’t think they have one this big up here.

The American rhododendrons are in bloom along the foot of the mountain near the creek.

My dad and Lee by the lily pond.

The frogs are huge, and the tadpoles look like fish with legs.

We spotted a black and a brown snakes by the lily pond.

The swimming pools are open and the sign in the background read ‘Warning No Lifeguard on Duty’.

The 3 day weekend was too short, but I’m not complaining.

Photos were taken with Canon T2i, EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM lens, and EF70-200mm f/4L USM lens.


  1. It seems to be a great place here for a nice weekend with your family – and you got many fine animal photos 🙂
    Btw: What means “GI Joe sister” ?

    • Hi Truels, it’s a very relaxing weekend and hope that we have more like this in the future. GI Joe is just a nick name I gave to my 4th sister, and I gave her this name because she is very fit like the GI Joe toy soldier.

  2. The weather seems to be really nice over there. Last weekend, most campers in Northern Cal got rained or snow on. We been seeing all kinds of crazy weathers around here lately.

    BTW, very nice RV.. Are you guys taking this RV up to VA in July?

    • Hi seeharhed, it rained during the week before and I’m glad we had a nice weather, it would be a bummer to camp in the rain. We haven’t decide for sure what we will do that week. The RV doesn’t get a good gas mileage, might be about 10 miles per gallon. They have some nice campground in VA, I would love to camp there, we’ll see. 🙂

        • seeharhed, the SC/NC coast will be packed that week since most people here have that week of July 4th off. It’s 4-5 hours drive to the beach from where we are, so it’s a bummer.

          • That’s what I thought too… But, not really sure what we are going to do.. Hopefully, it is not too hot and humid there next month.

            • seeharhed, the weather is hot and humid here, sometimes it reminds me of the weather back in Laos and I’m sure you won’t mind. 🙂

  3. These pictures are absolutely breath-taking, particularly the one of the frog and snake – how’d you get so close? I agree, the RV life is a lot of fun. 🙂

    • Hi tdblue, thanks for your visit and comments. I used a 70-200mm telephoto lens to photograph the frog and snake, and I’m glad that I had it with me because I certainly don’t want to get that close to the snake.

      The RV life has opened my eyes, this is certainly an alternative and cheaper way of living. It’s a new way to travel for us also.

  4. Looks like a nice camping trip. And the RV does make it more convenient.

    I love the photo of the frog, he looks so happy in that pond. But snakes I am fearful of… even in photos. 🙂

    • cn, the RV is great, we don’t have to worry about packing since most of the stuffs are already inside. We are looking forward to more camping trip this Summer and Fall. 🙂

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