My Garden May 10, 2012

We were fortunate to have good rainfalls and thank goodness the April frosts didn’t do any damage to my young plants.

Lee was busy digging away.

The look on her face when she saw her bird house.

I don’t know who is trying to build a nest.  It is a lot of stuff trying to fit into a small little house.

I made a trellis for the snow peas two weeks ago and it is made from crape myrtle branches that Bo cut down before the Spring of this year.  As you can see the crape myrtle tree in the background and the new branches look healthy.

It looks like they are climbing pretty well now, but I had to train the vines to climb at the beginning.

I have never planted pole beans before and I think they need to climb also.

I’m also training the grape vines to climb and will need to make a trellis for the climbing spinach vines soon.

My mom used to plant the spinach vines at the refugee camp in Thailand and it is called pak plunge in Thai.

I planted these pickle cucumbers from seeds, they should be climbing the A-Frame in a week  or so.  It is amazing how fast they grow.

Chili pepper plant.

These are my second batch of radishes and I put them down in time when the ground was still cool.  They are fast growing and should be ready to harvest in a  month or so.

I do love basil and planted many this year.

I planted this one in a pot and a good thing about it is that you could move it around.

More Thai basil in pots.

I think it must be the rain that made everything grow so fast. I couldn’t believe how big my cherry tomato plants have gotten.

The mints and pennyworth plants.

My gardenia plants are budding.

My blueberry plants look promising this year. I just hope that the birds will save some for us.

I would not take my chance in eating these mushrooms.

I was hoping to take a few exposures of the birds. I sat and waited and waited, and they flew right by.

The fish are so happy with the new waterfall.

Lee’s white and silver Butterfly Koi has gotten a lot bigger this year.

Bo’s ginkgo tree.

The peach tree bears many fruits this year.

Bo’s walking path is almost completed.  He still has to fill in the gaps with sands, and so far it’s looking real good.

All photos were taken with Canon T2i, and EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM lens.


  1. Wow!! Everything looks nice and green. I like that 3rd photo. The mushroom looks good and will taste good in gang nor mai too :-).

    • Thanks seeharhed, the mushrooms do look good but not sure if I would take my chance. We are getting more rain so things should start to take off in a week or so. In the third photo Lee picked those honeysuckle flowers. I think I like the second image best, shooting in direct sunlight is new to me and kind of interesting.

  2. Beautiful! Everything is much more green and developed in your garden than in mine, I think the climate is much warmer at your place – and you are much more laborious in your garden!

    • Truels, I’ve been busy in my garden. It’s warmer in our area, and raised beds collect sunlight during the day, and allow you to plant earlier than planting in the ground, so I had an early start. The rainfalls that we have been getting definitely help also.

  3. I always love these beautiful set of photos from your garden. The stuffed birdhouse is very funny! Also love your tepee trellis. My mom actually grew snap peas for the winter garden and let it climb along the fence. She cleared them out and replaced it with pumpkins now.

    I am always amaze at how fast things are growing there. I feel like I’m in a time machine and looking into summer already. I guess it’s really not that far off.

    • cn, we are at the end of May already and Summer is only next month, but it does feel like Summer here in NC. We have had some good rainfalls and I didn’t have to water as much in the last few weeks. I guess I planted my vegetables early, that’s the advantage of planting in raised beds, the ground stays warmer at night.
      I didn’t know that you could plant snap peas in the winter, I have to give it a try but not sure if it could stand the snow.

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