Strawberry Picking at Carrigan Farm

We were on our way to visit grandma on Sunday and saw that it’s strawberry picking season at Carrigan Farm.

The cost is $11.00 per gallon basket pick-your-own and $13.50 per gallon basket already picked. We were allowed to roam the farm to pick our own strawberry, unlike Ira Farm that only allowed us to pick at certain row, but of course Ira Farm was a lot closer to home and I do miss that he closed his strawberry farm.

This would be a nice spot for Lee to levitate but the owner might not like it so we didn’t attempt.

Lee did a great job in picking.Β  I was busy taking picture and ended up combining mine with hers to make a full basket, and we ended up buying the second basket that’s already picked.

Nice cool ride.

By the time we got to grandma’s house, I made a Lao dipping sauce to eat with the strawberry. The ingredients are sugar, crushed dried chili peppers, fish sauce, and crushed roasted rice.

It was real good, more photos of Grandma’s cooking, chickens and garden to come.

All photos were taken with Canon T2i, and EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM lens.


    • Hi bentehaarstad, the ones that we picked are fresher than the ones that they picked to sell, and these strawberries are very sweet.

  1. Looks good… Most of the strawberry farms around here are owned by Hmong families. I am not aware of any farms around here that allows you to pick your own.

    • seeharhed, sounds like there are many Hmong farmers in your area. We have many around that you could pick it yourself, and this farm has orchard farm that you could pick your own apples in the Fall, and they have other crops in the Summer also. I like visiting local farm, especially local farmers for fruits and vegetables. It helps to support my local economy. πŸ™‚

  2. ALREADY!!! You surprise me again and again how seasons are different over there, I love (picking – and eating!!!) strawberries – but here I have to be patient, until sometime in June….

    • Hi Truels, I guess we are way ahead of you in planting season. By June we would be harvesting blueberries, it might be May this year since Spring came a bit early.

  3. These strawberries look so plump and juicy. Yum.

    I’ve seen strawberries at the market here and thought it was way too early to enjoy them. Until I read they are grown locally, so that’s much better. Supporting local farmers and buying local food is the best way to go.

    • Hi cn, they came a bit early this year and I’m glad we didn’t miss. The local farmers are nice and friendly, I can’t wait for watermelon season and I know just a farm to visit. πŸ™‚

      • Wow, I’ve never heard of a pick your own watermelon farm. Can’t wait to see the pics.

        Btw, I love the photos of the strawberries hanging off their long stem. You don’t see that everyday. Unless it’s the strawberries dipped in chocolate treat.

        • cn, the watermelon farm is owned by an elder couple and when they are in season the watermelons are huge. I would love to grow my own watermelon but that would take up Max’s side of the backyard and I don’t think he would like it. πŸ™‚

          It’s not easy growing strawberry and Lee’s strawberries produce very small fruits and the rats and birds get to it before we do. I was surprised to see nice big fruits hanging also.

  4. This whole gallery is full of delicious images but the picture I like best of all is of Lee looking over her shoulder, hair flying, as if she had just spotted the Absolutely Perfect Ripe Strawberry!

    • Thanks Gerry, Lee did most of the picking while I was busy taking picture. I think she was looking to see which direction my camera was aiming because she knew I was looking for the perfect ripe Strawberry also. πŸ™‚

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