RIP Mother Jack Dempsey

I didn’t realize that fish have a stressful life also.  It was thunder and lightning on Saturday night, and the mother Jack Dempsey was trying to jump out from her tank but it has a cover and she hurt herself badly.  The next morning she looked like she was blinded and started to turn white.  Bo said she was dying, and to think back I think she was trying to kill herself.  I don’t think the thunder and lightning has anything to do with her bizarre behavior. Lee was sad to watch her dying, and realized that we never did give her a name.  May seems like a nice name for her, and she passed away this morning. The photo below was taken on March 18, 2012.

Lee made a stone for her burial ground and her final resting place is in my garden.  RIP May.

Another strange thing is my cabbages, what just happened here?

All photos were taken with CanonT2i, EF50mm f/1.4 USM lens.


  1. I’m sorry about the death of May the mama Jack Dempsey. She was a lovely fish.

    As for your cabbage, it has bolted. It’s all related to temperature. I’ll bet the North Carolina Agricultural Extension office can tell you all about it – and about that interesting little bug. Farming, even on the backyard garden scale, has its challenges.

    • Thanks Gerry, she had produced many healthy Jack Dempsey Fry and she will be missed.

      I’ve never seen or heard of cabbage bolting before, and found this interesting “Bolting, or flower of cabbage, is directly related to temperature. If the plants become dormant because of extended periods of cold weather, they will often go to seed, or bolt, when growth resumes. This condition can also occur if the temperature becomes too hot. Spring-planted cabbage is often seen flowering in gardens during mid-summer.” source

      It must really be the early spring and the cabbage is thinking that it’s Summer now. 🙂

  2. RIP May… Will Lee getting a replacement of May?

    As far as that cabbage goes… “kue si man ga lum pee hua nee pen ga teuy” hahahahha

    • seeharhed, we have almost 1,000 of her babies and some are female. I think it might be a while before Bo trying to breed them again.

      My cabbage must be, there are 3 heads, and since 2 is a company and 3 must be a crowd and they all turned ga teuy, Lol. 🙂

    • lady0fdarkness, sorry to hear about your fish. It’s so sad to watch them die and you can’t do anything to help. 😦

  3. Mama May Jack Dempsey will be missed. It’s always sad to loose a pet.

    Btw, will you still eat the cabbage? Looks like the leaves will be tough. i actually saw a field of bolting cabbage recently and didn’t realize they were even cabbages. Blame it on the strange weather.

    • cn, it does look pretty as flowers. I think I’ll harvest it soon since I need the planting bed for the Thai basil. The weather has a lot to blame for my Brussels sprout not forming also. I guess Hickory is not an ideal place to plant cabbages, moving up toward Ashville might be better where it is cooler.

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