Long Tail Comets and 7 Month Old Jack Dempsey Fry

Correction notice: The video should read Long Tail Comets and not Butterfly Koi

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I finally have a chance to do a video of my sister’s Butterfly Koi long tail comets.  She gave us 2 long tail Comets, 1 Koi and a few Comets after her pump died on Tuesday.  She doesn’t seem to have much luck with her pump, one died last Summer and she lost most of her Koi.  She was devastated then and had to go out and buy a new pump the next morning. She is giving up her fish pond this time, and will be covering it up with dirt.

The long tail comets seem to get along with the 7 month old Jack Dempsey Fry and their new home is a 55 gallon aquarium.

The Jack Dempsey Fry aquariums are a lot of work for Bo to take care.  He has 4 tanks (one 55 gallon, two 30 gallon, and one 10 gallon) that he constantly has to change the water.  Lee’s Betta fish is a lot easy to care for, she has this one for a while now and she could change the water herself.

The Betta fish is also known as the Siamese fighting fish or Pla Kad, and a popular species of freshwater aquarium fish.  Back in Laos and Thailand they would fight these fish. I guess very much like a cock fight but might be more for kids than adults, Bo used to fight them when he was little. The wild ancestors of the Betta fish are native to the rice paddies of Laos, Thailand, Malaysia and Cambodia. This one is a male, kind of strange that the male species are a lot prettier than the female and it goes for birds of feather also.  It makes me wonder about the human specie, perhaps that’s why some females have to put on so much makeup.

Photos were taken with CanonT2i, EF50mm f/1.4 and EF70-200mm f/4L USM lens.
The video clips were shot with CanonT2i, EF70-200mm f/4L USM lens, tripod mounted.


    • seeharhed, I grew up in the rice paddy village and my parents were farmers in Thailand but I don’t recall the Pa Kud and it might be a boy thing. They are easy to care for and not expensive, you should get a few. 🙂

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