Wednesday Random Photos

One of my co-workers asked why Chinese restaurants have fish aquarium, does it bring good luck?  If that’s the case, we must be the luckiest people around.  My sister’s fishpond pump recently died and she has decided to give her fish away.  Bo went and got some today, and here is one that he left in the 55 gallon tank with the Jack Dempsey Fry. The first batch Fry are 7 month old now and they seem to get along with these new butterfly koi long tail Comets. Her fish look fat because my dad over feed them and this one needs to go on a diet.

Here are 2 more 7 month old Jack Dempsey Fry.

The mother Jack Dempsey and her 3 month old Fry are in the 30 gallon tank. If we were to count, I think we might have close to 1,000 Jack Dempsey Fry.

I won’t be eating fish for a while.  This is Thai Ladna from a new Thai Restaurant that’s owned by a Lao family.  The food is pretty good and they are not stingy with their chicken.

And updating on my seedling, the pickle cucumber plants look pretty good.

As for the cherry tomatoes, I think Lee dropped too many seeds and most came up. I didn’t pull them out fast enough. The ones that I left are very thin, they don’t look too good to me.

The beets in the garden came up also and a good thing that we have been getting a few good showers in the last week or so.

The Blue holly flowers are in bloom.  This made me think of a coffee plant, but the floral scent doesn’t smell as good as the coffee flower.

The bees are buzzing and doing their thing.

Bo once mentioned that if his Zoysia grass came up, he would roll on it for us to see.  I see that Max has beat him to it.

I almost cried when I saw this, but I couldn’t say anything to Lee. My poor flowers.

It is a beautiful flowers carpet in my front yard.

All photos were taken with CanonT2i, EF50mm f/1.4 USM lens.


  1. Hi Nye, Another great post!, and lovely pics too. A great capture of the butterfly koi. Its amazing how the weather and seasons affect our moods and minds.

    • Hi Ngeun, I guess your weather is the opposite from us at where you are, strange that it is not just the difference in time zone, but different season also. We are so ready for Spring and Summer, hope to go camping soon.

      The butterfly koi are pretty, I will do a video this weekend for my sister to see.

    • Thanks seeharhed. The Thai restaurant is by a new owner, it used to be called i Thai, and now Thai Lotus Restaurant. Bo said that the food is pretty good, he likes to test out new Asian restaurant in the area. 🙂

        • Hi seeharhed, we don’t eat out a lot, Bo did a take out when he visited the new restaurant, it is located at North Center Street in Hickory. You might know them, they are the family that owns the Lao grocery store in Newton and have been living in this area for a long, long time.

  2. With all thos fish in the house i wouldn’t eat fish too 😉 – wow that’s amazing.
    And again: I love your photos of Lee! (hope the flowers survived?!)

    • Hi truels, Lee went out to look today and she said that the roots are still intact so they’ll survive. 🙂 The fish are getting bigger, I hope we will find new homes for them soon.

  3. Hi Nye, The weather in Sydney like most parts of the east coast of oz has been weird, we had quite a wet summer, and autumn so far has been quite wet as well. Hopefully, we will have a sunny winter; I doubt it though! 🙂 Summer is my favourite season, then spring and autumn in equal second. Camping sounds great Nye! Hope you have fun! We haven’t been camping for ages, unfortunately I’m not very good with mosquitos and leeches. Also, be careful of pii, I’m just joking! 🙂 hehe

    • Ngeun, we could only hope for a better tomorrow. I hope you have a pleasant Winter. Our Winter was mild comparing to previous year, the weather is not what it used to be, must be the global warming or something.

      I would love to see pii in person, you know I like to translate ghost stories. 🙂

    • Thanks salalao, it sounds like an exciting trip and long overdue. It’s too bad that you didn’t get to go the same time as seeharhed and Jeffrey, I think both are back now. Have a safe trip and do take lots of photos. 🙂

  4. Your comment about Lee and your flowers – too funny! I have to say it’s a really nice photo. 🙂

    • Hi cn, you could not have guessed what she did after that. I looked down to check my images and she wanted to give me another pose, and it is this one.

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