Envy is the title of a work created by Artist and Painter Danny Bunyavong. Detailing the creation process through time-lapse video, Envy’s art and music combine to take the viewer on a journey through artistic expression. Source.

Directed and Filmed by Daniel Liu
Art by Danny Bunyavong

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/35284991 w=515&h=290]


  1. That was intriguing to watch, Nye. Collaboration often leads to the most interesting results. Thanks for the link.

    • Hi Gerry, I didn’t realize it was a time-lapse at first, and something that I have been interesting for a while now.

  2. They really cover different mediums of art here. Great job Danny!

    Sometimes I wonder how our generation ever survived without cell phones and the internet. I can remember when I had to drive across the state for hours. Imagine driving for long stretches without any kind of communication. Those were the days.

    • cn, I still feel like I’m a generation behind you, here I’m still trying to hold back as much as I could on the technology. I was actually looking for Danny’s short film and saw this video instead. Here is a teaser to the short film.

  3. Nice teaser…. and interesting movie. Not only do Americans love their stuff, they also love their easy fix happy drugs. 😉

    There’s no doubt tech has made our life much easier. Lately I’ve noticed people have a yearning to go back to the basic. Whether it’s gardening or knitting. I think has to do with slowing down and lets us be more connected to our soul.

    • Hi cambree, I find that going back to the basic such as working in the garden, knitting, making jewelry, etc. allow me to concentrate better at what I do. I think many people have short attention span and couldn’t concentrate on their job,some keep checking on their Facebook while at work. I guess If you can’t help yourself, alternative medicine is not so bad after all. 🙂

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