My Garden Update

I thought I would wait for the weekend before I update my garden, but the peach blossoms wouldn’t wait with me.  I only have one peach tree and it is a self-pollinator, therefore I wouldn’t need a second tree to pollinate and enhance fruit production.

Lee’s levitation today is inspired by Natsumi. Lee was light on her feet even though she was wearing snow boots.

I was working in my garden over the weekend.  One of our neighbors gave us the wood from their old deck and I thought it would be a good idea to make planting beds for my garden. I have been wanting to expand my garden and improve soil condition in some area.  I borrowed a circular table saw from my dad to do the job.

I made 3 planting beds a long the fence.  This will help to prevent the rain falls from washing all the dirt to my neighbor’s yard.

I have been wanting to do this since last year, but it was during this time when I had my gallstone surgery and couldn’t do a lot last spring. I hope that this will improve the soil condition for my grapes also. I planted Monkey grass along the fence to prevent the soil from eroding since my yard is slightly higher than my neighbor’s yard. It is also time to trim down the Monkey grass.

I have also made 2 big planting beds in the cucumber area and need to fill them up with top soil.

I still have a lot of work to do, after weeding the paths I will be putting down the pine needle so I wouldn’t have to weed as often.

I planted the roman lettuce last week to utilize the space better and they grow well in cool weather.

Bo’s mom gave me some spring onions and I planted them in pots.  It is kind of messy in this picture, I still have a lot of cleaning to do.

I planted the cabbages in the Fall of last year and they survived the Winter months. I saw small butterflies hovering over my garden on the weekend and had to spray the Neem oil to prevent the cabbage worm.

On Sunday Lee painted a birdhouse and also helped me build the planting beds.

I planted some seedlings inside, and hope that I won’t have to buy young plants this year.

All photos were taken with Canon T2i, EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM lens.

6 thoughts on “My Garden Update

    • Hi Gerry, it’ll be a while before you could start gardening in your area. I’m glad that it is warm enough for us but we still have some cold nights and these vegetables will survive the cold weather.

  1. Your garden is already so green early in the year. And the romaine lettuce would be great in salads or spring rolls.

    Also love Lee’s birdhouse. Great job on the painting. 🙂

    • cn, I got a lot done over the weekend, so I’m really looking forward to this year’s gardening. I’m counting on Lee to help me this year. 🙂

      I’ll have to harvest the romaine lettuce early to make room for cucumbers and chili peppers that I will be planting next month.

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