Ghost story

Aasim in Room 415 at Hospital…

This is a translated article from Koosang Koosom Magazine, written by Udsany in Thai Language, translated by Nye.

Around 1987 (Thai year 2530) I became very sick and didn’t know what was wrong with me, one minute I was chilly and the next burning up.  I took over-the-counter drug and it would never go away and at that time I was extremely busy at work and didn’t have time to visit a doctor.

Until 4-5 days had passed and I still didn’t feel any better.  I decided to go to my family doctor at the hospital and thought I would rest there for several days until I feel better, then return back to my hectic work schedule.  I saw the doctor, and they ran some tests.  He gave me medicine to take and checked me into room 415 on the 4th floor, which is a special room.

The first day I was at the hospital my husband, friends and relatives came to visit and left that evening, some stayed until 7 pm (19:00 hrs). After that I laid in bed until midnight.  I’m normally a night owl and would go to bed around 1 am, but this time I tossed and turned and could go to sleep until 4 am.  I finally dozed off for about 10 minutes.  I was half-awake and haft-asleep, and something told me to look at the foot of the bed.  When my vision came into focus an old Chinese lady appeared (referred to as Aasim in Thai language.)  She looked like she was around 65-70 year old and dressed in a Chinese outfit, and wore a Chinese bun hairstyle. By the way she dressed you could tell that she came from a well to do family and looked very kind and started to laugh “he he he he.”

My six sense told me that this was not a person but a spirit, and while I was digesting what I saw, Aasim was on top of me the next minute.  Her face was only an inch away from my face and was laughing “he he he he” and shaking her head side to side and said,

“I come to live with you!”

I screamed out loud “No, you can’t live with me.” My six sense told me that if I let her,  then she will take over my body and what would I do then. I got very scared and tried to push her body away but she was as heavy as a big bolder and wouldn’t budge. Plus she was shaking her head side to side and laughed in my face and kept repeating “I come to live with you….”

Then a word came into my head, “Portuktiong”, a Chinese organization and I thought of something to say to her.

“Don’t come to live with me.  As soon as I get out from the hospital I will make merit for you and offer the good deed to Aasim in room 415 of this hospital at Portuktiong, which I have gone and help them make a funeral merit there all the time.”

After I said that I tried to push her again and this time with little attempt and her body appeared at the foot of my bed again.  The laughter and happiness on her face also vanished.

At that time it was around 5am and I couldn’t go back to sleep.  I laid there and waited for the nurse to come wipe my body around 6 in the morning. After the nurse finished her job, I then asked her if someone had died in this room.

“No one.” the nurse replied.

“There must be.” I argued with her.

“How did you know?” The nurse looked frightful.

“I know, you tell me first and I will tell you what I saw last night.” I  tried to bargain with her.

The nurse replied, “There was an old Chinese lady that passed away about 4-5 months ago.  Did you see her? Are you afraid? If you are then we can change room for you.”

“It’s okay, thank you.  I will stay in this room.”  I then told the nurse of what I saw last night and as soon as I was done telling, the nurse asked me gain if I want to move to another room.  I insisted that I want to stay in this room because I’m not one to be afraid of ghost. But just don’t come in a ghostly form with smeared face and all, I certainly couldn’t handle that.

The next night, I opened my pray book and read several verses and even offered merit to Aasim.  I slept well that night and stayed at the hospital until I got better and went home and back to work.  I asked one of the girls in the office to visit Portuktiong and make merit for “Aasim in room 415 at Hospital…”

I swear that this is 100% true story.

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