Saturday Random Photos

My sister filled her fishpond with dirt on Saturday.  She saw the video of her fish, and said that those are not Butterfly Koi but long tail comets.  When she mentioned long tail comet, the name Hale-Bopp comet  came to mind. I thought to myself, your are kidding right? I thought they were fat Butterfly… Continue reading Saturday Random Photos

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Long Tail Comets and 7 Month Old Jack Dempsey Fry

Correction notice: The video should read Long Tail Comets and not Butterfly Koi Click here to view this video on YouTube I finally have a chance to do a video of my sister's Butterfly Koi long tail comets.  She gave us 2 long tail Comets, 1 Koi and a few Comets after her pump died… Continue reading Long Tail Comets and 7 Month Old Jack Dempsey Fry



Envy is the title of a work created by Artist and Painter Danny Bunyavong. Detailing the creation process through time-lapse video, Envy's art and music combine to take the viewer on a journey through artistic expression. Source. Directed and Filmed by Daniel Liu Art by Danny Bunyavong [vimeo w=515&h=290]