Spirit Waiting for Revenge

This is a translated article from Koosang Koosom Magazine, written by J.K/Chiang Mai in the Thai Language and translated by Nye.

The story that I’m about to tell you is a true story that happened many years ago in the province I was born and raised.  Back in the days before we had modern conveniences such as running water, and only the rich had their own private well water.  So the community well was where people met morning and evening.

One morning, shocking news spread like wildfire when someone found Pi Noy (Pi for female means older sister) that lived at the end of the street was murdered by the community well.  I heard from the elders that she was raped and strangled to death.  Since it happened in a small town and the law was not that strict back then.  The police came to investigate a couple of days after the incident, and since her family was poor, her mom held a small funeral service for her. There was no autopsy done nor further investigation.

Of course, her death was a big thing in our small province, and no one dared use the community well again.  We had to buy water from those with private wells for usage, and as for drinking water, we had to wait and collect it from the rainfalls.

A month had passed, and the police still had not made an arrest, and we didn’t know who killed Pi Noy.  There were rumors that Pi Noy’s spirit was still around, especially early morning when someone saw a lady walking around the community well and when they went to look, there was no one there.  She made her appearances often that no one dare go near the well again.

As time passed, the story of Pi Noy died down.  We had an annual festival in our community, and many young people that went to work in the city came back home to visit.  One morning someone found 2 brothers by the well.  It was Pi Kham (Pi is also used for the male in Thai, meaning older brother) and Pi Keo, and both were the son of  Loung Dum that just returned from Bangkok.  Both were found by the community well; Pi Kham was not breathing, but Pi Keo was still breathing, and by the look of it, he must have passed out.  After he gained consciousness, he talked nonsense and was frightened.  It took him several days before he was back to his usual self.

Pi Keo confessed that he saw his brother, Pi Kham, rape Pi Noy several months back by the well.  By the time he got there, Pi Noy was not breathing. Pi Keo was scared and worried about his brother, and it appeared as if he was on the lookout for his brother. When Pi Kham came to his senses, he was shocked that Pi Noy was dead.  Both left for Bangkok that same day, and since the two brothers were good people, no one suspected that it was them. Until the news had died down and they returned home, and this happened.

Pi Keo said that that day Pi Kham went by the community well.  He saw and followed. He called for Pi Kham, but no reply.  And when he got closer to the well, the image that he saw was exactly the same as what Pi Kham did to Pi Noy, but this time Pi Noy was on top of Pi Kham’s body. And when she turned his way, her face was pale white, eyes bloodshot, and lips dark green.  Pi Keo was shocked, scared, and fainted. Not sure how long he had passed out and woke up when he heard someone calling his name.

After we heard the story from Pi Keo, we all thought that Pi Noy must have wanted to revenge and waited for Pi Kham to come back. After Pi Kham died, the strangest thing was that no one had heard nor seen a lady in the community well again.  The well water was cleared and came up to the brim, but no one dared to use the water. Many years passed, and modern convenience made its way to our province, including running water.  The story finally faded as time passed.


  1. Some people would find this story scary, but in my opinion, I find this story heart breaking and sad. No women does not deserve to be treated like that and her un-rested spirit did the right thing. By coming back for justices.

    A similar story like this happened to a uncle of mine that lives in a small province in Thailand. A woman was raped and stabbed in his town and when the news spread he was one of the person that had to go help lift her body by the field sides. While helping to lift her body, the woman hair was tangled to the corn studs and caused him to fall right on top of her. He got so scared that he couldn’t sleep that night and when he did fell asleep she came to his dream to asked my uncle to help her to get justice for what those men did to her. The reason she asked him was because in his town he was known for the best person to go for help and make justices. However, he refused and referred her to his ancestors to help her. (If my uncle was to agree to go at that time with her then he would of die in his sleep that night) No matter what she wanted him and was unhappy. After that night, he got really sick for many days and knew that he had to do something about it or he will die. He then again blessed her and asked her to go seek help from one our ancestors that was also best know for his justices judgment. It seems like she agreed to the referral and since then she stop causing sickness to my uncle. – Sorry for the long story, just wanted to share. Thank you for this great translation, can’t wait to read more. 🙂

    • Hi Lala, I often wonder what happened to the those that passed away, I guess because most of us don’t have six senses otherwise we would see that it is a busy world that we live in, the dead walking among us. I also heard about those that agreed to go with the dead in their dream and not long after that they would get sick and passed away. My mom told me a story that her dad passed away first then her mom dreamed about him, they lived in Thailand. In her dream he had asked her to go live with him and took her to his new home. It was real nice and her mom told him that she had to wait and can’t go right now. She lived for many years after that but often dreamed of him coming for her and each time she refused to go. My mom then moved to live in Laos for several years, and received the news that her mom got sick and passed away. I often wondered if she agreed to go live with him before she passed away. I also heard that if they called your name to not reply or answer back. After my mom passed away I dreamed of her many times but she never spoke to me in my dream or even acknowledged that she saw me, but she seems happy where she is which I’m glad. I think the Thai ghost stories always have a sad twist from the ghost side, most only want to communicate and ask for merit or Boun. I’m glad you like this one.

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