Lee’s Bracelets

Lee has  interest in making her own bracelets and came up with her own cool style.

My sister Bee showed her how to make one, and Lee picked up real fast.

The first bracelet that she made was for my older sister.  Lee made the one that said ‘piggy’ and my niece made the ‘love’ bracelet, they both sold it for $5 each.

Lee thought the black and white would look nice with her Ying-Yang Medallion.

Here is Lee’s Ying-Yang bracelet.

This one is Lee’s Ocean Crabby bracelet

Her Chinese New Year bracelet.

So far she has a nice collection. I was really surprised how nice her bracelets look, and she came up with the color scheme all by herself.


  1. I see a little jewelry designer here. 🙂

    The crab bracelet is cute and all are very creative. Btw love the first photo too – the colors are vibrant.

    • Cambree, I’m glad she has finally found a hobby that she’s good at. If she makes enough she plans to sell it at the temple. This should keep her busy. 🙂

    • Thanks seeharhed for the nice comment, it meant a lot to Lee. This should be a good hobby for her. We probably have to turn this into a Chinese factory for it to be enough for her college fund. 🙂

  2. […] has been several weeks since I took a jewelry making class at Michael.  It all started when Lee wanted to make jewelry and I didn’t know the first thing about it at the time.  I bought a Beading 101 book and had […]

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