Ghost story

Death Certificate

This is a translated article from Koosang Koosom Magazine, written by Ngasai of Samudragarh in Thai Language, translated by Nye.

This goes back to 1995 (Thai year 2538), even though it happened almost 20 years ago but I will never forget the incident.  At that time 3 of my friends, Kai, Keo and Daecha were college students at one of the Art Universities out of state.  We were best friends, and would party and hang out together all the time.  We all stayed at the dorm right behind the University.

One day during our senior year, Kai brought a white cloth (use to cover a corpse) to show us and said,

“Why don’t we use this cloth to write our own death certificate?”

This might sound bizarre to an ordinary person, or even give you chills, but we were like teenagers and at the time it sounded fun and daring. Then Keo finally agreed,

“Okay, I’ll be the first one to write.”

As soon as she finished saying that, she started to cut the white cloth into a size of a death certificate and started to write her name, last name and also the date of her death on the certificate.   After Keo had finished with her death certificate, then Kai, Daecha and I started to write our own death certificates.  To be honest, we weren’t scare at the time or even thought that this might jinx us in anyway.  We just thought it was something fun to do at the time.

Time passed and nothing bad had happened until we all graduated.  Then one day Keo drowned, which should never have happened because she was a good swimmer.  Someone found her body in the lake near her house.  We all went to her funeral and another strange thing was that her funeral was on the same day as the date that she wrote on her death certificate made from the white cloth years ago. Perhaps it was just a coincidence, but then something strange happened again the second time.

Kai, one of our friends got hit by a truck, and the day that she died was the same date that she wrote on her death certificate made from the white cloth.  This happened twice, not coincidence anymore, Daecha and I got really scared.  The next victim will be Daecha, then myself for sure.  Daecha was so afraid and tried to stay inside his house.  He didn’t go anywhere when that day was approaching.  He was so stressed out and even while he was sleeping at home death came to visit him.  Daecha died from brain aneurysms and it was on the same day that he wrote on his death certificate made from the white cloth.

I couldn’t believe that Daecha died because of this, he was so healthy and took good care of himself.

After all 3 of my best friends died one after another, this made me very fearful because the last person to die is me. And only 1 month away from the day that I wrote on my death certificate made from that white cloth.  I was afraid to die, I started to ask around and found out from Kai’s brother of where that white cloth came from.

The white cloth was used to cover a female corpse that got hit by a car.  Kai took the cloth and she thought it would be fun to play with it. The cloth was not stained with blood because it was on top of another cloth.  After I found out where the cloth of the death certificate came from, I lit an incense stick and asked the owner of the white cloth for forgiveness and begged her,

“I don’t want to die.  I still have worries and have to look after my mom and dad that are old.  I apologize for trespassing and please forgive me.”

And that night as I was half-awake half-asleep I saw a lady.  Her face was pale and expressionless.  She said in a slow and soft voice.

“You don’t want to go live with your friends?”

I immediately replied,

“I will become a monk for 1 punsa (1 year) and donate the merit to you, please don’t take my life.”

A smile appeared on her face and she said,

“Don’t forget to keep your promise.”

The next morning I told my mom and dad that I will become a monk for 1 punsa to donate merit to a female spirit that I have made a promise.  While I was a monk, the day that I wrote on my death certificate came and I survived.

I remained a monk for 1 punsa as I had promised.  After that I left the temple and went back to my normal life and work till this day.  I will never forget of what happened.  It was just for fun and daring that caused me to lose my 3 best friends.

4 thoughts on “Death Certificate”

  1. Oh boy, did that just gave me the chills. That is scary and it is not something that an individual should ever mess with. It is sad that she/he had to lose her friends due to a naive thing they did. If only they knew earlier to merit they 3 would of survive from the first incident. I miss reading your stories. Thank you for this creepy translation. 🙂

    1. Hi Lala, I’m happy to hear that you like the story. It’s creepy to think that they had done this and not think anything of it. I have seen teenagers hanging out in the cemetery and this creep me out.

    1. Hi Barbara, thanks for reading. This is a real life story that the writer submitted his story to the magazine. I think the magazine checked the authenticity of the story before they published. It gave me chills when I translated it also.

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