Camping by the Lake

Most campsites in our area either closed for the holiday or for the season so it has been difficult finding a place to camp the last week of December. I finally found one close to home and only 20 minutes drive from our house.  It’s overlooking Lake Norman and the place looks fairly new.

My oldest is visiting from NYC and we thought it would be nice for her to go camping with us.  It is quiet a challenge to live in a small space and the weather was mild during the day and freezing cold at night. We woke up one morning without running water.  The water line froze during the night and it was late in the morning before it started running again.

The closest town is Moorsville and Bo took Lee to get pizza one evening.

Max loves going with us, I’m sure he will like it better once the weather gets warmer.

Even though it is by the lake there is not a lot to do. My niece also went with us this time. The weather was too cold and the girls tried their luck fishing. I’m glad they didn’t try to catch dinner.

They played pool during the day. The place was empty and I’m not sure if it were because it was during the week and not the weekend.

Max waited patiently while they shoot pool.

The restaurant/bar area was closed for the winter. I’m sure it will be busy once it is opened for business. It does have a beautiful view overlooking the lake.

The morning was peaceful and calm.  We survived living in a small living quarter and hope our next trip will be by the creek or mountain area.


  1. That morning looks like an adventure. And you’ve got to freeze a little sometimes to experience a little adventure 😉

    • Hi truels, I’m glad we ventured out in the cold weather and got to experience life beyond our comfort zone. I hope the next trip will be a little warmer. 🙂

  2. Happy New Year Nye.
    That is a very beautiful place for camping.
    The last photos with the red light looks SO good. Is it morning one evening?

    • Happy New Year Carsten, this place is a bit more upscale than the ones that we have been to and the bathhouse is very clean. The photos with the reddish sky is evening. I didn’t get up early enough to catch the morning sunrise, I couldn’t sneak out without waking everyone up but I bet it is equally as beautiful.

    • Hi Cambree, they have a doggy park for Max to roam around also. This place is not too far away from home and it looks more like a little community than a campground. I do like to visit during the summertime to see all the actions, it would be nice to hangout one Summer weekend. 🙂

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