The Gifts

Christmas morning is an exciting time at our house, this year Lee didn’t get everything on her list since Santa and Mrs Clause had a hard time locating them but she did get some unexpected gifts that made her morning. I normally shoot my indoor photo in high ISO3200 or 6400, which have some digital noise that I learned to live with.  This time I took Scott’s advice and use a tripod instead.  Lee had to freeze her smile for me in this image below.

Canon T2i, EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM lens, AV, f/4, 1/8sec, ISO 400, 24mm, exposure bias -0.3step, evaluative metering, tripod mounted

This one is from, it is so neat to have picture printed on metal and this is a picture that I took for Lee with her favorite author Debrorah Wiles.  I don’t have enough printing experience to give a full review, and not sure if partly it is my image also that contribute to the quality of the image. I think the overall quality is okay, a little pixelate on the facial area which I didn’t see in my original image that I submitted in. This is a good learning experience for me.  It is also my first time learning how to Photoshop the background image, and made Bo and the lady blurry.

This is not on her list either, and it came with a little note that said “to be shared with Bo”.  It is so nice that Santa is looking out for Bo also.

I think this is a sign of growing up for Lee, all smelling stuffs on her list.

PJ on her list, Lee even cut out the picture to make sure that Santa will get her the right one.

Max received gifts also.

Bo got the custom towing mirrors for his truck.

Mine is the best present ever, I plan to learn how to cook more next year and these gifts will come in handy.

This one was stuffed in my stocking, it is one tall coffee mug and I loved the art work of Thomas Kinkade winter scenery.

And Lee actually opened this one last night.  It is a portable DVD player that Bo had to fight the Black Friday crowd to get it. My sister is in town and hopefully I can share some Lao food photos with you in the next few days.


  1. The concept of printing on metal sound so cool. And the photo of Lee & Debrorah Wiles is really cute. But if you got a less than perfect image I would let them know. It looks like they have gotten mixed reviews too.

    Btw, Santa & Ms. Claus did a great job with the gifts. 🙂

    • Hi Cambree, they did a great job on the finish, very slick and shiny and my picture of the metal frame that I took is not that sharp and clear posting it here. I think there are many contributing factors to the end result, and my image is not a professional quality and would be unfair to expect the same quality and clarity as their professional photos that are posted at their website. I bet it is the same for those that sent in their picture to have it made, and we can’t expect them to do miracle. I’m okay with the picture, Lee is very happy with it. My goal is to take a better picture next time. 🙂

  2. i love the enchanted stuff. smells good! i left lee’s gifts with bo’s mom. hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas! Happy New Year!

    • Hi Lisa, we picked up the gift, thank you and Lee loved it. 🙂

      We also wish you and your family a safe and Happy New Year.

    • Hi Giiid, I hope you had a good Christmas, I’m a little behind in reading blogs and will have to check all your wonderful Christmas posts soon. I just hope that we will get some snow this year, otherwise we might have to head up the mountain for Lee. 🙂

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