Dolls by Louis Nunnery

Lee and I had the opportunity to see Louis Nunnery Dolls collection today at 3:00pm at the Hickory Museum of Art.  Mr. Nunnery is a 92 year-old Hickory dance instructor, and has been making porcelain dolls for the past 21 years. The dolls begin with liquid clay and molds and are kiln fired five times.

It’s amazing to hear him speak of his dolls.  He does  French recreations of Casimir Bru, who made dolls between 1865 and 1895

Louis Nunnery looking at his dolls collection through the glass showcase. I do love this shot.

There are 20 dolls currently on display at the Hickory Museum of Art and will be there through January 15, 2012. Louis works with master doll maker Sandi Walker of Dolls and Designs in Valdese, NC.

4 thoughts on “Dolls by Louis Nunnery

  1. The dolls outfit are so elaborate. Pretty dolls too.

    Louis Nunnery really doesn’t look to be in his 90s. Maybe working with dolls have kept him young at heart and body.

    • Cambree, he is also a dance instructor and has been doing it for over 60 years. He has his own dance school, Louis Nunnery School Of Ballet, and they say that he could kick higher than most of us at 90s. He does look great for his age.

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