Biltmore Christmas Lights 2011

We visited Biltmore on Sunday to see the Christmas lights.  The decoration in the front lawn is not as nice as last year, but inside the house is as pretty as ever.  It’s too bad that we can’t take picture of the inside.

We got there around 3:30pm (15:30) and had plenty of time to look around before it gets dark.

It was a cloudy evening and the blue hour is still visible in this image, it was shot at 6:36pm (18:36). I had my tripod with me this time.  I  had my Canon T2i mounted on a tripod, shot in a manual mode, had my timer on for 2 second.  I also set my focus to manual, shot at f/13, 5 second, focal length 40mm, ISO 100 to minimize any digital noise, and the white balance was set on cloudy.

I switched to my telephoto zoom lens for a closeup image, EF70-200mm f/4L USM lens, Manual, f/11, 5second, ISO 100, focal length 70mm.

We stopped by Antler Hill Village on our way out, it was late in the evening and there weren’t that many people around.


  1. Nice job Nye… I need to practices on shooting at night time. So, was the place crowded with people during this time of the year? I’d love to be visit this place during holiday season.

    • Hi seeharhed, the place was not too busy when we were there. I’m contemplating about next year’s membership since they didn’t offer some of the stuff this year like the flowers carpet that I really liked. I guess I have till April to think about, I think my membership is good through May of next year.

      I had some practice shooting the Christmas lights last year and if your lens comes with image stabilizer (IS) to make sure to take that off since you will be using a tripod. It is a must to shoot at night time. This is the best time to practice, and there’s Christmas decorations everywhere.

  2. It looks beautiful with all the light. Blue hour is nice as background, it is a good color for most night shots. You have posted a lot of nice photos from Biltmore, perhaps you will miss that opportunity if you give up your membership? Are the membership money used to preserve the place?

    • Hi Giiid, in the last 3 years we have been buying the season pass that we could visit as many times as we like at no additional charge, and if we visit twice that year then it would pay for the season pass fee. I think I would miss the place and Lee also. It is still privately owned so the money goes to help maintain the place. They have a huge staff and I would imagine that it is very expensive to upkeep. I noticed this year they cut out some of the stuffs that we like, I guess it is the economic choice that we all have to make.

  3. The place looks nice this time of year. Such a simple and elegant Christmas tree too.

    And the photo taken at the blue hour is gorgeous!

    • Hi Cambree, the place is beautiful. I can’t imagine what it would look like when it snows up here, but I don’t think we are brave enough to find out since it’s going uphill heading there, and steep downhill coming back home. The blue hour is so fascinating to me, I discovered it by accident and found out later that it is right after dusk and last for a short time. It’s hard to see it with your naked eyes, at least I can’t but I know it is there.

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