Jack Dempsey Fry 16 Week Old

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/33109029 w=515&h=290]

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The Jack Dempsey Fry are 16 week old, or roughly about 4 month old. Bo gave a few away to his friends 2 weeks ago and they are big enough to go to their new home.

The lighter color ones are male and darker ones are female.  The water is very cloudy and Bo changed the water right before I took the picture, so it should settle down in a day or so.

This one is a female, as you can see it’s very dark and colorful.  It is the same size that Bo bought the mother Jack Dempsey from a fish store, and he got the father Jack Dempsey from a Chinese Restaurant.

I think these are males, the male has a lighter color stomach.

In a 30 gallon fish tank the mother Jack Dempsey has been busy.  I think this is her 6th set of eggs and the last 4 times had been unsuccessful since they were laid on a different rock.  Bo switched the rock back to the original one and hopefully this will be a successful batch, which means he has to find a new home for the 600+ fry soon to make room for the new hatch.


    • Thanks truels, the new eggs just hatched and it looks like they will survive also. It will be interesting for Bo to take care of them. 🙂

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