The 80s Christmas Tree

We didn’t get this tree in the 80s but it is over 10 years old.  We got it before Lee was born so it has a lot of memories for us.  Lee couldn’t wait so we had the tree up and decorated before Thanksgiving.  I took these photos on Sunday after I cleaned my camera.  I still don’t have the right cleaning kit but so far it’s working okay, the q tips, alcohol and dust remover seems to do the trick.

The first thing that went up was the faceless straw angel, and she is holding my mom’s memorial Christmas ornament.  It will be 5 years this January since her passing.

Then I received a gift from the Hospice of Catawba Valley after my mom passed away.  It is a handcrafted porcelain ornament and if you hang the ornament in the window, light will shine through its intricate design. The Hospice team are very caring people and it was very thoughtful of them to send this to our family.

This ornament was given to us back in 1997, not sure if the giver would remember it.

Lee grew up with the sesame street gang, Big bird and Elmo.

She collects these along the way.

Her latest collection is the RV.

And several porcelain angels hanging on the tree.

Her Halloween mask is still up.

So where are the 80s Christmas decorations?  Here are some of the original ornaments that came with the tree.  Bo had won this Christmas Tree at the March of Dime auction at the hospital over 10 years ago.

And so far 2 gifts underneath the tree.

Last Sunday was the first night we lit the Christmas tree.


  1. At first I was surprised to see you being in such a good time, but now I remember how it is in your area,- you don´t use fresh trees like here. If we took the tree inside that early, it would end up as a tree trunk before Christmas 🙂
    Your tree is so beautiful!

    • Hi giiid, some people use live trees here also but since we have this artificial tree for years there is no need to cut down another tree, plus fresh Christmas tree doesn’t come that cheap these days. The artificial tree is easy to care for also, no need to give it water daily. 🙂

  2. My nieces had theirs up the day after Thanksgiving. This is one of the thing I never experience growing up. To me, it is just another holidays.

    • Hi seeharhed, I think we do it more for the kids, I started putting up Christmas tree for my nephew when he was little and now for Lee. I observe many holidays and Christmas is one of them, kind of odd for me being a Buddhist and all. 🙂

    • Hi Scott, it sure does carry many memories. As I was taking pictures I noticed Lee has quiet a collection herself. 🙂

  3. Love your ornaments. I really enjoy a tree that has ornaments with so much meaning. We love looking at each ornament and remembering when and who we get them from. Like baby’s first Christmas. My baby is 17. What gorgeous photos as usual.

    • Thanks Geni, this is definitely a fun time of the year especially for Lee. 🙂 Children grow up so fast these days, your baby will go off to college soon. I’m sure it doesn’t seem like too long ago when he was a baby.

  4. “It is a handcrafted porcelain ornament and if you hang the ornament in the window, light will shine through its intricate design.”

    That sounds amazing. You should take a photo of it. 🙂

    The ornaments are like family memory tree of memories, saving old ones and making new ones. And great that it’s reuse/reduce/recycle tree too.

    • Hi Cambree, the sunlight is few and far in between these days, I’ll see if I could capture an image on the weekend. We save lots of money through the years by using the old tree, it is very skinny and doesn’t take up that much room also. 🙂

  5. Beautiful Christmas tree ornaments! Isn’t it such a special time when you take out the ornaments and remember everything about it?

    • Thanks Kathy, each ornament does come with a story and I guess that’s why it takes longer to put up than to take down. It’s nice to see Christmas present and Christmas past in one place. 🙂

    • Thanks mozemoua, it’s a busy time of the year for everyone, I’m sure it will be nice to have a vacation from school.

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