Autumn Camping

It’s late into the camping season and we finally made our first camping trip with our RV. We received a free camping trip from the RV dealer and the campground is real nice but it is more than what we have bargained for.  This is a member’s only campground and I won’t be mentioning their name since their membership fee is in the $10K and maintenance fee is almost $500 annually. It’s not the easiest task to try to convince the salesperson that this is not something that we could afford, but I’m sure it is a lot harder for them to try to convince us that it’s just a drop in a bucket.

We left Friday evening and got there by 7:30 pm (19:30).  The people there were real nice and they helped with the hookup.

There were 2 tent campers there this weekend.

We had a great time, and only felt bad when they tried to sell us the membership on Saturday afternoon.  I can’t imagine anyone paying that kind of money during this economic hard time. I guess nothing in life is free, I know now not to put ourselves in this situation again.

This area is about 2.45 minutes drive from us and it’s a bit warmer than our foothills area. I’m glad that there are still some Autumn colors leaves for us to see. The morning walk was a bit chilly.

They have nice cabins by the pond.

This site has a nice view, our site was further away from the pond.

More cabins.

What I like about camping is being close to nature and also to get away from everyday life. I think an RV gives us a freedom to do this since it’s not very expensive to camp, most campgrounds run about $35-$45 per night.

This place have full and semi hookup. I asked for a full hookup when I made a reservation since we were new at this but they gave us a semi hookup with just water and electric instead.  I didn’t understand why since they have many empty sites with a full hookup. Our grey water tank was full the second day and it was a lot of work for Bo having to empty it with the portable blue boy.

I’m glad the weather was nice and we had a great time.  Our next camping trip will be closer to home and no more free camping trip for us.


  1. The membership fee is really high. What a way to spoil your fun with trying to sell it on the spot. Glad you stood your ground and didn’t fall for any of their sales trick.

    At least now you know better and checked it out for yourself. And it does look like a nice weekend trip for the family. 😉

    • Cambree, there is not a lot to do there either. I can see that it would benefit those that are retired and spend 75% of their time there and have money that they don’t know what to do with. That’s not us for sure. 🙂

      We actually have several nice ones that’s only 40 minutes to 1 hour drive. The Internet is a great resource for review and I’m glad people are nice enough to give review to share with other campers.

    • Hi seeharhed, it is such a nice break to be away to get away, it’s like a mini vacation. 🙂

      The truck is nice, it has plenty of leg room in the back and powerful enough to pull the RV.

  2. how awesome!! Nye, next time you guys should totally go camping without an rv in the summer in the middle of the forest, it’s a load of fun! I srue do miss camping!

    • mozemoua, I think we will do both, my dad and sister will do RV camping and we’ll do tent camping. It’s a lot of fun and we all loved it.

    • lady0fdarkness, I guess the autumn colors come with the colder weather also but well worth it to see such beautiful warm colors. 🙂

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