When I was Lee’s age I started learning my ABC’s, thinking back now I’m still at the Refugee camp in Thailand and the English language was taught by a Laotian teacher with a strong Vientiane accent. I recalled having to repeat the phrase “It’s on the desk” with a Vientiane accent over and over again. I was 10 year old and we had adult students in the same classroom.  After class I would sneak out my Thai Japanese comic book to read, of course this didn’t help with my English language but the love of reading was there.

As for Lee it is mandatory that she reads 20 minutes every night, sometimes I wondered how much of it she digested or just reading to reach her 20 minutes goal. I started reading the books that she read over the summer, and I’ve noticed that her love for reading has improved tremendously.  She tries to stay ahead of me, she read 5 books over the summer and so did I. We visit the library on a regular basis, and our local library recently gave away free knitted bookworm bookmarks.  They were donated by a local guild and I didn’t even catch their name.  I thought this is a neat idea, and the googling eyes make it so much more interesting to look at.

I’m still reading this book, actually a couple of books behind Lee but I am working on it.


    • Cambree, I thought it was real nice for the local guild to have donated this to our library. I like the eyes also, it makes reading more fun. 🙂

    • lady0fdarkness, I think visiting the library gives children a good foundation and it is free. I’m happy to hear that your little girl loves reading also. 🙂

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