Halloween Night 2011

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Lee was a punk rock zombie this year, I think.

On our side of the neighborhood there was not a lot of excitement.   There are many of our neighbors that decorated their houses for Halloween.

On the other side of the neighborhood they went all out.  This one below was an entrance to a house.

As you walked through the vampire gate, then you come to this house.  It’s like Christmas for the kids, I think the decorations made it so much fun and festive for the kids.

And this was going down the street, the monster standing on the left hand side jumped out to scare passerby.

Lee had so much fun, I hope everyone had a good Halloween.  I noticed that people gave out fewer candies this year, Lee went to almost every doors and got a small bag of candies.  I think they must have handed out 1 or 2 candies per kid, and not a handful like before.


    • Hi Scott, I’m glad people still have the Halloween spirit, just a bit more stingy on the candy. 🙂 We had a blast this year, and down the block a church group set up a hotdog stand every year and they had a great turnout.

  1. I love to see how Lee is dressed so fine and having so much fun! And Halloween is such a major event in the U.S., interesting to watch. (It is not over here!)

    • Hi truels, we normally have a good turnout on Halloween since we live in a big neighborhood and tricker treaters drive around from neighborhood to neighborhood dropping off their kids. It feels pretty safe walking around and it was a lot of fun for the kids and grownup like me. 🙂

      Btw, Bo counted his Jack Dempsey Fry and he has 645 total.

    • Thanks lady0fdarkness, Lee picked out her outfit several weeks back and she considers herself one of the big kids now. 🙂 It was a lot of fun for the kids, I hated that we couldn’t make it to my dad’s neighborhood, they had 2 haunted trails this year and they always have a lot of fun there.

  2. What an awesome Halloween! Your neighborhood shoud does go crazy! I wish ours did. No house looked liked those but we had a nice time anyway. Lee looks great as a Rock Zombie. I LOVE her purse! Where on earth did you find that?!

    • Hi Geni, we had kids from other neighborhoods also, I think next year I need to dress up for the fun of it. My sister Bee made the bag for Lee, I think it goes perfect with her outfit.

  3. Your Halloween looks so good. And Lee seems to have very much joy and fun. Here it is a growing activity. I think we had five kids asking for treets at our house this year. Fun!

    • Hi Carsten, I think Halloween is a kickoff for our holiday season here. I’m not sure how much people will decorate their house for Thanksgiving and I think they might go straight to Christmas decorations. I’m glad to see all the Halloween decorations, it does sure make trick or treat more fun. 🙂

  4. Lee’s outfit is very creative. 🙂

    And your neighborhood really came together for Halloween. Nice to see this kind of spirit still happening around the country.

    • Cambree, it’s very festive here during Halloween. In my dad’s neighborhood the cops had to turn many tricker treaters away since there were so many cars driving through the neighborhood trick or treating.

      Lee loves her outfit and my sister Bee made the bag for her birthday, I guess just in time for Halloween. 🙂

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