My Fall Garden Update

My banana tree is very tall and the leaves would have covered the whole garden if I were to photograph from the top of the tree down.

It is time to bring it inside and this time I have a couple new young plants.

The Kaffir lime tree needs to come inside also.  This year it has gotten a lot bigger and it’s about time to change it into a bigger pot.

It’s amazing to see that certain vegetables do so well in this cooler weather. These are my Romaine lettuce that I planted several weeks back.


My Brussels sprout plants that I planted back in the spring have grown new leaves.


Green onions

It is also time to harvest all the chili peppers before the first frost.

I think I will miss having fresh Thai basil the most.

I was surprised to see a string bean flower blooming at this time of the year.

I also have to net proof my fish pond from the falling leaves.  I’m actually late in doing it, I should have done this 2 weeks ago.  Time flies and it is the end of October already.


  1. The fall garden plants are looking good.

    It looks like lots of work to bring the banana tree inside. Have you consider growing them in wheeled pots and just roll them in for the winter? But I’m sure you have it all down.

    • It does make more sense to grow them in a wheeled pot. It was a job trying to bring the banana trees inside and luckily the roots are not that deep. I can’t tell you how heavy it is since I couldn’t lift it up on a garden wheelbarrow this time. I think I must have left the big banana tree outside last year because it was too big.

      I cleared out a lot on Sunday and have more room to plant cabbages now.

  2. Was wondering if you got any fruit from the passion flower. I picked one today since I read that the fruit is edible and delicious. I picked one last year as well, but found the inside hollowed (picking too early). This year the inside of the fruit contain lots of white pulps (not quite ripen yet) with seed inside each of them. It was still somewhat tasty, tangy for now, but maybe a few more weeks perhaps it will have some sweetness to it.

    As always, enjoy looking at the beautiful pictures from your lovely garden. We planted lettuce, mustard greens and cilantro mostly, and I relocated the apple trees out from the garden area. Also, you can split up your pomegranate tree; I’ve split mine into three trees now. Take care and enjoy the wonderful colors that autumn brings.

    • Hi PaNoy, I had many fruits but didn’t realize they were eatable and cleared out almost everything on Sunday. I’ll give it a try next year, the passion plants spread like wildfire in my garden this year.

      I’m thinking about splitting up my pomegranate tree also, this might be a good time to do it and thanks for reminding me. It’s nice to be able to work out in the garden this time of the year.

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