My Dad Fall Garden Update

It has been a while since I last updated my Dad’s garden. I took a set of pictures every weekend that I was there, but never had the opportunity to update it. My sister planted some Fall vegetables this year.  As you can see these were taken on October 9th, and I’ve been guilty of not posting them sooner. I was there early and saw a beautiful sunrise and by the time I ran back inside to get my camera most of the reddish orange morning sky were gone.

The lemongrass are no longer in the garden, my dad took them inside the garage last week. My sister was so glad that she planted a Fall Garden this year, and the vegetables are so easy to care for.  She occasionally has to water her garden since we have been getting a good rain.


The vegetables have grown since then, and a few romaine lettuces were harvested. This is what the garden looked like yesterday evening.

It is amazing to see how much they have grown in just 3 weeks.


Romaine lettuces

The weather is getting cooler and the streets will soon be buzzing with tricker treaters, ghost and goblins.

This neighbor went all out this year.  He has been doing this every year and it gets bigger and bigger each year.  We had an early sneak peak of his garage haunted trail and I posted some pictures on my October Idioms Photo Hunt. There are all kinds of tricks and treats inside and he has hired his nephew to scare the kids.

It was real dark inside and I had to bump my ISO up to 6400 so lots of digital noise and some blurry images, it’s a nice effect for inside a haunted trail in my opinion. He invited us back tonight for a grand opening, then tomorrow night is the big event.  It is going to be trick or treating!

He has a nice scary Halloween sounds and lighting effects.

If you were to ask Lee she would probably tell you that it is not too scary inside.  She was trying to fight ghost and goblins on her way out.


  1. Another great fall garden here. All those veggies would make a good salad!

    Lee and her cousin must be looking forward to Halloween. Fun costumes and Free candies 🙂

    • Cambree, my sister likes it since she doesn’t have to buy vegetables, freshly picked vegetables are the best.

      Lee had a great time going around the neighborhood trick or treating for free candies. My niece lives closer to my dad, and she might have gone to my dad’s neighborhood this year. My dad lives in a big neighborhood so it’s a lot of fun on Halloween night.

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