Jack Dempsey Fry 11 Week Old

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/31238064 w=515&h=290]

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I kind of give up on the idea of posting my photo exif data since it is so time-consuming when some of my posts have many photos and I normally use 2 lens where ever I go. I think the best way to learn is to practice and shoot in different environment and lighting.  I have the hardest time shooting indoor especially when I don’t like to use flash.  I have to shoot in high ISO and have to live with some digital noise. I think having some noise is better than having a blurry image.

As for the Jack Dempsey Fry, they are 11 week old now and Bo actually counted them when he transported them to a 55 gallon tank the other day.  The old tank (30 gallon) was leaking and he has 645 Fry and 1 died when it got to the big tank. The Jack Dempsey Fry aquarium sits in the living room hallway, and the mommy and daddy Jack Dempsey are back in the house now.  They are in the big tank on the right hand side and Lee’s fish tank is the small one in front of it.

The Fry love the bigger tank and travel in schooling.

I think Max got used to having so many fish around, but I can’t say that they got used to him (I’m saving Max’s image for my October Idioms photo-hunt.)


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