Corn Maze at Divine Farms

I didn’t need my GPS or cell phone in this corn maze, joking aside, so we have heard about a couple and their children that got lost in the corn maze. I’m glad that the news didn’t deter my dad and sisters from going with us.  We visited Divine Farms’ corn maze on Saturday afternoon.

Lee and my niece couldn’t see their way out, the corn stalks are a lot taller than they are.

I kind of cheat a little and could see the roof of the barn.

The corn is drying out, I think these yellow corns are used for animal feed.

After walking around in circle, we were glad to see the exit.

I was hoping to see the real pumpkin patch, I guess this makes life a lot easier for us.

If it were up to Lee she would have bought the whole thing.

They also have big pumpkins.

Lee loves horseback riding, she paid $5 for 3 short laps. My dad and I were the only two that didn’t get to ride the horse.

Bo paid $2 for 1 lap.

I’m glad that I had my telephoto lens with me, I didn’t have to lean over the railing to get this shot.

The leaves start to change color in our area.  The nights are a lot cooler also.

They have a small barn, this fella is extremely friendly.

The brisket is the part that Lao people called  Tiger Cry or Suea Hong Hai in Lao language.

There are many fun activities for the kids.

I think my dad would love living in a farm like this.  Devine Farms is a 133 acre family owned and operated farm.

We went on a wagon ride and passed a soy bean farm.

I’m not sure if these were crows, they do love the corn field. I took this shot from a moving wagon ride.

I will add exif data when I have more time.


  1. Awesome weather for this time of the year there. I notices that the kids are still wearing short sleeve shirts.

    Last week in Northern California had similar situation like in Mass., couple with young kids got lost in the maze and called 911 to come rescue them.

    • seeharhed, it was cooler in the morning and evening, I made Lee bring a jacket and she took it off since it was warm that afternoon. I wish we could have stayed late since they had a bonfire after dark but we had to get back to prepare food for Wat the next morning. I guess it could get scary in the corn maze after dusk.

  2. Nye, this is a n amazing series of great photos! The light and the sunshine seems to have been so wonderful that day – and so does your experience!

    • Hi truels, I feel that it was too much light and too bright but the images came out decent. I keep thinking to have my back against the sun when I took these images and they were right, the images came out much better than me facing the sun. We had a lot of fun and it’s nice to spend time outdoor with the family. 🙂

  3. Lee seem to approve of all the pumpkins. This looks like a great day for a family trip and the weather is just right too.

    Out here when you drive out of the city, you can see real pumpkin patches that are speckled with bright orange pumpkins. It’s about the only thing that feels like autumn as the weather has been unusually warm.

    • Hi Cambree, we have to wear light jacket in the morning now, and sometimes turning on the heat at night. I think Fall leaf colors peak this weekend, it would be nice to make it up the mountains but the chance is very slim for us. I like to visit a pumpkin patch like the one in charlie brown. 🙂

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