Grandma’s Garden September11, 2011

The first sign of Autumn.

Squirrel looking for nuts to stash away for the cold winter months.

It’s late into the season and surprisingly Grandma’s garden still looks luscious green.

Her Lao herb Pak Kayang.

Sawtooth Coriander

Tamarind tree

Her eggplants look different from mine, the flower is purple instead of white.

Chili peppers

She planted a small rice paddy also.

She harvested the young rice pods to make Kao Mao for us to try. These are a little bit more mature than what she would normally pick to make Kao Mao.

Add a little water and heat on stove.

Stir until the water is completely dry.

This is fully cooked.

She used a blender to remove the shells.

Removing the shells the old fashion way.

What’s left is the tasty Kao Mao, young sticky rice for desert.

I will add exif data when I have more time.


  1. So I guess gardening really does run in your family. The rice paddies are so cool. I have never seen rice actually growing. I am such a city girl. Beautiful garden and I love the squirrel photos especially. I am such an animal lover!

    • Geni, I used to be a city girl also. You don’t see many tall buildings around here and being closer to nature is a nice tradeoff. I’m glad I spotted the squirrel, he hung around long enough for me to take his pictures. πŸ™‚

  2. The method of removing the shells remind me of my grandparents. It will be a lost art soon.

    I love pak kayang… especially when you make “mok pa”..

    • seeharhed, the modern technologies have replaced many things that we used to do by hand, even harvesting or planting rice in some places have machinery to do the job now. It will be a lost art soon, and kind of nice to see the real thing.

      I like Pak Kayang in Gang Normai (bamboo soup). Pak Kayang with Mok Pa wrapped with banana leave is good also, makes my mouth water just talking about it. πŸ™‚

  3. I didn’t think tamarind could grow in NC. That is really neat!

    Btw, have you had Sawtooth Coriander with pho? The herb is very fragrant and makes it 10x better.

    • Cambree, I never thought to put it in the pho, I have to remember to add it to my pho the next time. The Sawtooth Coriander is also good with Tum Mak Houng (spicy papaya salad), but it’s too bad that I don’t have as many as Bo’s mom. I have to make more planting bed for next spring.

      • Don’t put it in the soup, just eat them on the side. Best when fresh & green. Along with the other herbs. πŸ™‚

        I wish I could grow them out here. Just haven’t had any luck with it.

        • Thanks Cambree. I need to go eat Pho at Bo’s mom, she has plenty in her garden. πŸ™‚

          I got one plant from her and I plan to bring it inside during the cold winter months. I hope it will survive.

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