Grandma’s Chicken

We visited Grandma’s today, and got there before one of her customers picked up these eggs.  She has several regular customers that would come by when they want fresh eggs.

Max was glad to visit again.  He killed several of her chickens the last time Grandma kept him when we were out of town.  Bo knew not to ask her to keep him again, his hunting instinct is too strong.

He is happy to be able to go places with us, especially visiting Grandma again.

One of Bo’s Americana Hens hatched 6 chicks this time.  Bo’s mom didn’t have as many rooster so half of the eggs did not hatched.

She is a good mother and this is her second set of chicks this year.

Grandma only kept a few Americana Hens since they are so stubborn sometimes.  These are the ones that lay blue eggs.

After Bo found out that he bought 2 male Guinea fowls, he has been searching for female Guinea Fowls for these guys but no luck so far.

I can’t remember what it is called when a chicken or bird stands on one leg and they like to do this a lot.

This one likes to drink from the kok water, this is not to be confused with Coke.

The Wild Red Jungle fowl that Bo got last year has grown. He is a lot more friendlier than his mom.

Feeding time.

Grandma saved today’s eggs for us.

Bo’s chicken coop is still intact and in working condition.  She opens from the back to get the eggs.

The laying hens laid 34 eggs today.  She doesn’t know how many hen she has, she lost count the last time she was trying to count them. I’m just glad that we get to take some fresh eggs home.

I will post Grandma’s Garden next.

I will add exif data when I have more time.


    • Hi seeharhed, yes it is “Puk nang lerd”, that’s a polite way of calling it. We Tai Tai called it Pak E-lerd. 🙂

      It would be nice to live next door to her, although we live an hour drive away from so we don’t get to visit her as often.

  1. Wow that’s a lot more chickens from the last time you post, she must be very busy lady to keep up with the feeding. It looks like she running the chicken farm. The little chicks are so cute.

    • Hi salalao, it’s a hobby for her, and she actually sold and ate a few hens. It is neat to see her running it so successfully even at a small scale, I bet if she had more budget she will do well for herself.

    • Thanks Scott, I knew there is a name for it and the roosters and hens love to stand on one leg. Fresh eggs are great, now only if I have a laying hen at home. 🙂

  2. There is nothing better than fresh free range chicken eggs. 🙂

    Nice to see Max is allow to visit Grandma’s chicken again. I’ve seen people raise their dogs along with their chickens. I often wonder how that works as it’s so tempting for them to just chase them all day.

    • Cambree, I guess when you raise them side by side they learn to get along. Max is excited when he sees the chicken. Bo’s mom said he killed one when he was outside and the hen inside the fence, not sure how he did that. Fresh eggs have a nice aroma in comparison to store bought eggs, I think it’s in their diet.

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