An Inheritance from Great Grandmother

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This is a translated article from Koosang Koosom Magazine, written by Som of Chiang Mai in Thai Language, translated by Nye.

In the Buddhist era year 2525 (1982) I went to my sister’s wedding in Nan, which is a province in Northern Thailand. The wedding was held at the groom’s house. It was an old traditional Thai-style house that is absolutely beautiful.

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We toured the house when we first got there, and the room used for the bride and groom’s bedroom had a beautiful antique bed. I fell in love with it right away. The headboard was decorated with a pair of peacocks design. It has compartments to store personal items and a decorated mirror around the edge. It was absolutely gorgeous. After the wedding, the out of town guests stayed in the guestrooms provided by the groom‘s family.

The next morning during breakfast, I noticed that my sister looked like she didn’t get any sleep. She had dark circles around her eyes. I teased them that it is typical for a newly wed to not get any sleep. She denied and said, “it’s not what you think.” She continued, “While I was sleeping on the bed, I heard an old lady crying all night and I didn’t get any sleep.” My brother in-law said that he heard the same thing but thought he must have heard things.

One week after the wedding, the newly wed couple returned home to Chiang Mai. They hired a mover to move the furniture from the old house and included in that was the antique bed. My sister refused to have the bed move into their bedroom. She said either give it to someone or sell it. Her husband said that he can’t sell it since it was an inheritance. It’s an antique bed that was almost 100 year old, his great grandfather gave it to his grandfather, who then gave it to him even before he passed away. His grandfather said not to sell it or throwaway.

I heard the conversation between my sister and brother in-law and asked if they would give it to me. My sister didn’t want me to take it home either, but at the end my brother in-law gave the antique bed to me. I hired the same mover to take it to my house and asked them to set it up in my bedroom. I had a new bed (but actually an old antique bed) that night.

After I rearranged the room and didn’t even shower, I was so tired and fell asleep. I didn’t think I had slept that long and suddenly woke up hearing a lady crying. It was an old lady and when I tried to listen the crying stopped. I was so sleepy and didn’t pay much attention after that and drifted back to sleep.

But before I was asleep, I woke up by a voice that was screaming and she said, “Why are you sleeping on my bed? Are you having an affair with my husband?” And this time the voice came with an image. It was an old lady, she seemed like nice person and pleasant looking, then all of a sudden changed to a ghostly looking and she was standing at the foot of the bed. It was scary and not only the sound and image, but also the foul odor that filled up the room. I was freaked out and didn’t dare go back to sleep on the bed again.

The next morning I went to my sister’s house, and told her of what I saw last night. She said she saw the same thing. I then told my brother in-law of what had happened. He called his mom to find out the history behind the bed, and said that his great grandmother died on the bed. She was upset after she found out that her husband had an affair with the nanny. She cried until she had a heart attack, and passed away on this antique bed.

We were wondering that this happened over 60 years ago and why didn’t she reborn. Why is she still haunting the bed or is it something that’s still connecting her to it. My sister and I decided to clean the bed. We found a secrete compartment in the headboard. In it had an old box, and inside was an antique gold ring. My sister took it to her mother in-law and she said that it belonged to great grandmother. She wore it all the time, but after she passed away the ring was missing. Great grandfather looked everywhere for it but couldn’t find. It’s very strange that it had been in the headboard all these years.

After I returned the ring I have not heard anything since.

8 thoughts on “An Inheritance from Great Grandmother

  1. At first I found it scary and spooky, but later found it heartbreaking. It is quite sad how the great-grandmother die because of an relationship affair. In addition, I found it so touching how they found that ring after it was thought to be lost for over 60 years. However, if I was Som I would be crying my eyes out from seeing the great-grandmother appearance. I know, I’m scary cat. Hehehe. Thank you for the great update!!! I can’t wait to read more. 🙂

    • Lala, her situation was very sad and it’s very common in Thailand. I’m not sure what I’ll do if I’m face to face with a ghost, I guess I will find out when it happens.

      My mom had a similar situation. When she first got the hospice bed, she said someone was hitting her. My sister asked the hospice nurse if someone had died on the bed and she said 99.9% sure that someone died on the bed. My GI Joe sister had to make my mom a new mattress, she does upholstery so she used foam to make the mattress.

      Another incident was one of my sister’s friends that lives in CA. When she first came to America her sponsor took her to get a donated mattress at the church. It had red blood stains on it and she asked if someone had died on the bed. The sponsor said that American people are not superstitious. This friend lived with her sister and they shared bed. When she was asleep someone would pinch her, and she thought it was her sister and the same thing happened to her sister. It got so bad that she was afraid to stay at the apartment during the day time and had to go hang out at the park. She didn’t live in the best part of town and it was not safe at the park either. I think they saved up enough money and brought a new mattress and the pinching stopped. I think this is why I don’t buy antique bed, I’m afraid that the past owner might come with it.

      • Very interesting story, Nye.

        I believe in spirit. I had many experience in the past, esp when I was a young boy. I was told that only those who has a low spirit can experience the other side of the world. Most of my experience were living in my family first home. I have never experience anything since I grew up, but had felt my father’s presence after he passed away.

        I guess in a way, I am superstitious as well esp in owning old things and not knowing where they came from previously.


        • Hi Victor, I think also children can see the other world that most adult loose when we grown up. Lee saw my mom when she first passed away, and apparently nothing scary looking since she was smiling at the empty door that she claimed my mom was standing there. I believe in spirit also, and have never seen but have heard a haunting cry when I was little and it belonged to a girl that passed away.

  2. This is a catching and interesting story Nye.
    I hope that the old lady finally found her peace.
    It is a very beautiful house. Is it built on poles because of risk of flooding?

    • Hi Carsten, thanks for reading the ghost story. The purpose of stilts was to elevate the house to avoid the house from being flooded in the monsoon season. It’s a common structure for houses in Laos and Thailand.

  3. This is a very spooky story. I’m glad it had a good ending.

    At one time I almost bought this beautiful antique ring from a small town off the coast of California. I’m glad I didn’t!

    • Cambree, I think it’s better to have antique ring passed down from family rather than buying it imo, kind of spooky come to think of it. When the place or thing is haunted, it is very scary. The house that we lived in PA was haunted. Although I’ve never experienced it myself, my GI Joe and other guests that stayed said that the attic was haunted. My mom said the bathroom was haunted, and came to find out later that someone died there. The night before we moved, my mom dreamed that an old person came to block the staircase and asked her not to leave and that he really liked our family. Obvious I have no luck seeing the other side, I lived in that house for over 2 years and didn’t even see or hear anything.

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