Wat Lao Buddhavong July 2, 2011 Concert Baitaung Channgam

I look forward to the concert at Wat Lao Buddhavong every year.  Looking from my perspective I don’t see the whole big picture but cropped images and clips of the stage, the view from where I sat was not bad at all.  I used my telephoto lens to shoot images and video clips this year. The highlight of the concert was  a female singer from Thailand, Baitaung channgam and her co-star Bao Lee Tounkoula, a TV announcer from Lao Champa TV.

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The concert was packed on the first show, I didn’t get to take as many photos and shot mostly video clips. The beginning of the video is an intro, which made me think of the outdoor or Wat concert in Thailand that I used to watch growing up.

Click here to view this video on YouTube

I’m glad I stuck around for the second show, the crowd was thinner and it was a good performance.

She came down to meet her fans on the second show.


    • Hi Scott, her pictures came out real nice considering it was in the mid 90s that day and it was extremely hot and humid. The video took a lot longer to load than expected, I hope you will enjoy, her music is Thai/Issan country music.

  1. Nye,
    I noticed the same there were not a lot of people there this year, Baitaung looks so much like Tai Orartai couple year ago she was at wat lao. I’m disappointed that she didn’t sing much of her song from the CD most of the songs she sings are from Takakatan and Tai. I would have thought she would promote her CD since she new in the entertainment not alot of people know her espically in Thailand. You can’t buy her CD at ethaicd.com and thai radio station haven’t play her song yet I find that strange since her CD was out a year ago.
    We missed each other again 😦

    • Hi salalao, I didn’t realize you went, maybe I’ll see you next year. 🙂

      I’ve never heard of her before and thought she has a nice voice and upbeat personality. I guess she was singing the more well known songs that most of us are familiar with. But I’m with you, it would have made more sense if she were to sing her own songs from her CD instead of trying to please the crowd.

      I notice there were less vendor this year, some of the fresh fruits, papaya and vegetables were sold out by Saturday evening. I heard that many temples were celebrating the 4th also. I like going there since it feels very much like Boun Wat back home, especially the outdoor concert part.

  2. Looks like you had a great time! I don’t think we have anything as fun as this out west. Hope you guys kept cool under the summer sun.

    Baitaung’s outfit and fashion is nice. The purple dress with the one puffy sleeve is my favorite on her. 🙂

    • Cambree, I think fun is all in the perception and attitude and here I’m envious of the Lao people living out west. 🙂

      The outfit looks nice on her. She is a lot thinner in person, the picture made her look just right.

  3. hahahhah salalao.. yes!!! beerlao are on me, anytime… even I’m not there okay.. just tell the owner/chef of Bangkok Fusion Restaurant that I got your beer tap. she will send me the bills:-)

  4. Oh.. Baitong is cute:-) and sweet voice too… I saw my cousin’s husband went up to give her some cash..hahahhaha good job on the video der Nye.. By the way, I heard you singing along on the second song, “kin kaow la yung”

    • Thanks seeharhed, the monopod and the telephoto lens came in handy. I couldn’t sing and shoot video at the same time, Lol. It must be a lady sitting next to me. 🙂

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